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Thanksgiving letter

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[HR of the respective company]


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Subject: thanksgiving festival 

Respected sir/madam,

I am the HR manager of the company would like to inform you all that our department is going to celebrate thanksgiving this year as well. The celebration will be organised by the members of [mention department] who are working us. As many of the employees are living in office quarters and they stay far away from their family and relatives, it is the responsibility of the organization to let them enjoy the festival of Thanksgiving. We all are engrossed with workloads and still we need some refreshments in our lives. The plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in office is just a little effort from our team to enable all of us enjoy despite of the immense work pressure we are going through these days. We are requesting all the employees to be present at the venue. This will bring a new change to our office. Food and beverages will be provided by the company. There will be a culture program also.

If any employee is interested to take part in any activity you can contact to [mention person name] of [mention team or department]. She/he is the organiser of this celebration. The celebration will be held at [mention place, be specific-auditorium, cafeteria etc.] on [mention date and time].  Hope to see you all. All the necessary details have been enclosed with this letter find the attachment for your reference.


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