Thank you to College Scholarship: 6 Letter & Email Templates

Generally, scholarship donors expect nothing in return for their generous contributions. Without the financial aid provided by the scholarships, some people are unable to attend college.

How to write good thank you letter to College-

  • Start a letter with ‘thank you’
  • Express your gratitude
  • Tell your future expectations
  • Thank them again

Receiving scholarship education means that you have been awarded the opportunity to attend a private institution. You can express your gratitude to the donors with the thank you letter. We have some samples given below.

Thank you to College Letter & Email Templates

Thank the registrar for giving you a scholarship

Respected registrar,

I would like to thank you for your generosity in funding the scholarship that I received this year as a part of my financial aid package. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen as a recipient of this scholarship. We lost all hopes of getting admission in such a renowned university as we are not able to deposit the entire fee structure of the program. 

I am very thankful for receiving your thoughtful gift. By awarding me the scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.




Thank someone for writing a recommendation for scholorship

Dear Mrs. ABC,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to write the letter of recommendation for the scholarship. Despite having such a tight schedule, you manage to help me to get the scholarship. I appreciate your help from all my heart. Without you, it really seems difficult to get into college. It’s like a dream come true. 

Thank you again for your generosity and support. I can assure you that you will never feel disappointed in my case. From now I will focus on my studies and definitely make you proud. I hope one day I will be at a position like you where I will be able to help students to achieve their goals. I appreciate the positive impact you have had on my life.

Thanking you once again!




Thank college for selecting you for a scholarship via examinations

Dear ma’am,

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for all the efforts you have taken to build a brighter future. I want to let you know that I have passed my written examination to get the scholarship for admission to the college. I also wanted to extend my sincere thanks to the entire examination cell. Your scholarship has opened a door and the prospect of a brighter future and will play a key role in shaping me into a successful person in the future. 

Donors like you make life brighter for us and I can only hope that one day, I too will be in a position to bring a smile to another needy student. I cannot express my gratitude enough, and I want you to know that your generous support will see me achieve my dreams.

Kind regards



Thank the dean for considering extraordinary circumstances and giving scholorship

Dear Dean,

I am very thankful to you for understanding my circumstances. You are the only one who was willing to trust me and help me. Sir, I have been an orphan since childhood and I did everything in my studies on my own. I was a tea vendor on the streets and I used to study at night in candlelight. When you came to my home for a survey, I was thinking that GOD  had sent you for me.

Now finally my scholarship has been sanctioned, I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You have helped me to grow further in my studies and I hope that someday I will get a good job and get the chance to serve you back for your gratitude. 

Please stay in touch always. I wish you all the happiness, healthy, and prosperous life ahead.

Thank you



Thank you for giving a scholarship and helping in fulfilling a dream

Respected VC,

I am sincerely honored to be the recipient of the scholarship for admission into the college. No one in my family had ever attended college. I am the first in my family to attend college. Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges but has also helped me realize the value of college education. We have always been neglected by society, but you have given me the acceptance to continue my education in your college. 

My lifelong dream of attending medical college is moving forward, thanks to educational scholarships like yours. Your financial assistance gives me an opportunity to earn skills and will serve the medical community. Once again, thank you for the confidence and the medical school scholarship. I promise you that one day I make you proud and will be committed to my education.

I am one step closer to becoming a doctor. Thanks for your continued generosity and scholarship. 




Thank you for providing sports scholorship

Respected scholarship office,

I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude for the scholarship you offered me to get admission in the college. I am so thankful for your entire help and support. Your cell has a group of people where you take care of the future of many eligible students. You not only offered academic scholarships but also deals in athletic scholarships, financial scholarships, disabled scholarships, only girl child scholarships, and many more. Thank you for your generosity which has allowed me to go through the admission process into the college. You have had a positive impact on my future. 

With your extreme generosity, I will be able to focus on my education and put all my energy into doing well in my classes. Receiving this scholarship helps me to maintain my GPA and complete my degree. Your generosity helps me make my goals and dreams a reality. I hope in turn one day I’ll be able to give back and help other students achieve their goals. 

Thank you once again for your support.



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