Thank you for Waving Rent/fee: 6 Letter And Email Templates

There are times when we are not very financially well off, and we don’t even have money to pay for our necessities, and then some people help us with waving our fees and rents, and these people do drive a big thank you and also you must return the money when you have the money back.

There are very few people who help people selflessly, and these people deserve thank you and gratefulness. 

How to write a good thank you letter or email for waving rent or fees

  • Thank them for helping you out 
  • You must tell them that you will return the money as and when you have 
  • Tell them how it is rare to find such people in the world nowadays 
  • You can add how their support has emotionally helped you 

Thank you for Waving the Rent/fee Letter And Email Templates

Template: 1

Thank you letter for waving school fees 

Hello Sir,

Wishing that you are doing great and I recently got to know that you received the honor of solving a very unique equation. 

I am really very grateful to you for being my support and mentor and as you have known that it was very tough for me to pay my fees for the upcoming semester with your help and a recommendation letter the authorities have decided to wave my fees off and if I perform well in this semester they might consider me for the scholarship and then my hardships will be over and I will be able to invest in the future that I have planned. 

I am extremely thankful to you for helping me come out of this financial crisis and with your support I know I will get the scholarship. 


thank you for waving rent fee

Template: 2

Thank you letter for waving the rent for the philanthropic cause 

Hello, “Full Name,”

I hope that you are doing good! 

I am really glad after I received your email last week and it makes me feel great that you have decided to wave the rent off because you got to know our purpose for renting the property. 

We have decided to host a weekly meeting of the underprivileged kids, and we will give them class for personality development classes so that they will be able to face the challenges in the real world also, we will prepare them for interviews for jobs, and everything and your help will make a lot of difference to our expenditures.

With the money that we will save for the rent amount, we will be able to invest in some other cause for the kids. 

I want to assure you that we will be taking care of the property like our own and will handover it over in the same way you will give us. Though we will have our own cleaning staff and hence you will have no additional charge in maintaining it. 

Thank you for helping in this cause. 


thank you for waving rent fee

Template: 3

Thank you for waving the class fees

Hello Mam,

I received the scholarship letter from your institute about the waving of my fees due to my past track record. I am really grateful to you and your institute for considering my application. 

As the process of admission was rigorous I really enjoyed it and also it made me believe strongly that my passion will help me make my career ahead.

I have always dreamt since childhood that I will make sure that dance reaches each and every corner of the world and as it has helped me express my feelings, I want more people to take up dancing and make this a universal language of love. 

your institute has waved my fees and has helped me take one more step towards my dreamland I thank you for that.


thank you for waving rent fee

Template: 4

Thank you for waving rent for a month 

Hello Sir,

I am extremely thankful to you for waving my rent for this month as you got to know about my job loss.

Though I am in the process of giving interviews and will surely get a job soon and will be paying back money the gesture of love and care that you have shown today has made me believe that I am not alone in this city. 

I know that in the past 5 years I have never delayed the rent and hence maybe it made you wave my rent off your faith has helped me get the morale boost that was required and hence I will make sure this situation never comes again. 

Once again thanks for the gesture. 


thank you for waving rent fee

Template: 5

Thank you for waving my fees for college 

Hello Mam,

I received the letter of waving fees last night and I am extremely grateful to you for showing faith in my academic records trust me I will not let you and the institution down.

I have been a scholar in maths and your institute is the only place where I can study under the guidance of the best mathematicians in the world. 

Though as I don’t belong to a very well of family and hence it was impossible to pay the fees and hence I was ready to go through any examination.

As the results of the examinations came out and you have shown trust in me and hence I am glad that my application has been accepted with full fees waiver. 

Thank you for your kind gesture.


thank you for waving rent fee

Template: 6

Thank you for waving rent of the school building 

Hello Sir,

It is such great news that you have decided to waive the rent for the school building because of the unprecedented pandemic which has made businesses succumb and you have shown great kindness in allowing us to use the building for the next one year and then we can begin paying you once things get back to normal.

This will help us impart knowledge and the kids won’t suffer any discontinuation in their studies. 

You have shown us that a partner like you is indeed one of the best partners that we could have got and hence we will make sure we start paying as soon as possible. 


thank you for waving rent fee

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