Thank you to Wife: 6 Letter & Email Templates

Wife, she is one of the most important persons that you will have in life, she is not just a wife but a friend, a companion a guide. So you must make sure that in your life, every now and then you should thank her for being such strong support in your life and how well she has fulfilled all her responsibilities in your life. Write a letter to your wife for thanking her for all that she does for you.

How to write a good letter for wife-

  • You can mention any special moment from your life 
  • Tell her how she has changed your life
  • Mention how her motivation has helped you move ahead in life
  • Tell her that your love for her will never decrease
  • Express gratitude to her for being so helpful even to your family

Thank you to Wife Letter & Email Templates

Thank you wife for motivating me to to take risk

Hello, my love,

You know what at times I feel that I dont tell you enough how much I love you and how much your presence makes me feel good. It’s been 7 years that we are married, proud parents of 2 cute children and of course have been doing all that we always thought of doing together but then at times in my life when I get stuck, it’s you who make sure that I find my way and then I feel how I wouldn’t have been able to do something if you weren’t by my side. 

Recently when I was in doubt how to proceed with my business and you gave me the advice to take a risk and switch to something I never did and you know what I tried, though I didn’t succeed completely, I have found ways to proceed and I think without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much my love for guiding me always.


Thank you wife for taking care of my family 

Hello, wifey,

I just came back from the business trip and you know what all I have been hearing is what all did you do in this span of time. My parents can’t stop praising about the love and care that they received from you. Though I am not very surprised to hear this because I have known you for so long. You are an amazing wife but you are an even better daughter and a human being. 

What makes me fall in love with you is not some gifts or expensive gesture but your love and care for people around you. You have always shown concern for your relatives and mine too. After marriage, you not only gave love to my parents but have taken care of their health like no one else. Thank you for being the best wife and daughter in law.


Thank you wife for organizing such an amazing party

Hello, my partner,

What do I start with, how you looked, or how you addressed everyone or how much have people appreciated you? I must say that I am a very proud husband of such an amazing human being, who never fails to amaze people with her extraordinary skills from personal relationships to manage and of course cooking. 

In today’s party, you were the one who everybody wanted to meet, you looked amazing in your gown and what has made me fall in love is that even after having so many guests you didn’t ignore anyone. You personally met everyone and made sure that they are comfortable.

I was throughout just boasting how you managed to do everything without any flaw. You made the party a success and of course, everyone loves you but I love you the most.


Thank you my wife for making me believe in myself

Hello dear,

I know you must be surprised that why am I writing you when we live in the same house its because not everything can be said looking into your eyes as I lose my words just by looking at you. No one knows my situation more than you and the past couple of months have been really tough for me and it has affected you also but you have shown immense faith in me and have made me believe that I can do whatever I want to and it’s just a result of your love and trust that I have finally got my first client. But the credit for this will not go to me but to you, who has taken care of all our needs when I was trying to set up this business. 

I am extremely thankful to God for giving me a wife as loving as you and I promise that I will never let you down. Thank you for motivating me to do things and always encouraging me when I thought it was the end. This new beginning is because you thought I can and I will do this. 

Thank you 


Thank you my wife for such an amazing gift

Hello, My love,

First of all, many many happy returns of the day on our very first marriage anniversary. Though we have been in love for over a decade and have done a lot of our firsts together from drinking to hiking and paragliding this first is very very special because it was just a year back when in teh name of god we promised to be with each other for the rest of our lives and it was teh most beautiful day of my life because I cannot get a partner as good and loving as you. 

But now the gift that you have given, I can’t just stop adoring the puppy that you got and I know that I have been asking to get one since so long but just couldn’t get it and now on our anniversary you have added one more member in our family and it feels great to have someone who takes cares of every wish of yours. 

Thank you and lots of love to you


Thank you for coming 

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