A Thank you Letter for the Best Manager Award


I never knew that my work would take me to heights but yes now what I believe most is in hard work and a good team. I have been working for a decade and this is the first award and I am extremely grateful to you and the management for selecting me.

I’d prefer to thank you for the award of the best manager. I accept this as a sign you and upper management value my efforts and are worried about my future here. As well as could be expected, I mean to be deserving of that certainty and will give it my best shot to meet the goals sketched out in the coming year. 

Please accept my gratitude and I would make sure that I challenge myself more in the future and raise the bar for me and teh team. Your trust in me has given me wings to work more and more and I will make sure that I dont disappoint you and rove your decision to be right.


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