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A Thank you for supporting the family financially

Everyone has different opinions about boys, that they never cry, are emotionless and many things but when someone raises a son they get to learn about how much their sons are capable of feeling. They hide their emotions in public but they prove themselves as the biggest supporting pillars of the family.

Dear,( Name of a son)

With the help of this letter, I wanted to express my feelings that I couldn’t express to you in the past. I am thankful for having a supportive son like you. People know every son’s name by their father’s name but people know me because of your deeds. Everywhere I go people call me by your name and I feel very proud of hearing it. I know the journey that you have covered has been very hard for you and I am very sorry for not being able to support you. 

My cancer made the family’s financial condition worse and I was not able to do anything but I remember every day at the hospital you used to come to me and tell me, dad everything is going fine and you are also going to recover soon and because of the strength that you gave me, I am alive today. On the other side, you were alone in fighting the financial battle but because of your hard work and intelligence, our family is in a stable condition now. You are the strongest pillar of our family. I cannot express your feelings in words but in the end, I want to say I love you a lot. I pray to God every day that God will fulfill all your dreams and you always stay fit. Bless you

Your loving father 


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