Thank you Letter to Security Guards for Preventing Theft

Security guards are essential workers and it’s they who are responsible for our day-to-day safety. They work tirelessly day and night and we must take time out to thank them.

Thank you Letter/ Email to security guards for preventing theft

Letter Template: 1

Hello “Name of the guard”

It’s been 6 years that you have been working with our organization and I must say that in all these years you have become an integral part of our organization. I feel that we dont thank you enough for all that you do for us and the organization.

It ha been many times in past years when someone has illegitimately tried to get into the building and there is always a threat of intrusion because of the sensitive documents but we have been very lucky because of an attentive security guard.

But this letter is to thank you for your role in yesterday’s theft incident, it was your timely action that made sure we save our data and also get the criminal caught.

For this, we would like to promote you from the role of a security guard to the security head of the organization. Time and again you have proved your worth and we would be glad to have a long association with you.


thank you letter

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