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Thank you Letters for Business Partnership – 5 Samples

Your business partners are very important people in your life because with their help and support you are able to run your business with ease. There are various types of business partners, some are silent ones who just invest, some are who sit by you discuss the business make an equal amount of decision and then some are there who invest in the business as you do both financially and mentally.

It should be a gesture of gratitude that you write to your partner for their constant support and involvement in the business. 

Best Thank you Letters for Business Partnership

Thank you Letters for Business Partnership Sample 1

Hello Mike,

Its been over a decade that we started our business, a dream that we saw together. Today when we stand on a point where we never thought we will. In all these years apart from being a business partner, you have also become a friend and family. We have seen many ups and downs together and that made us trust each other a lot.

I know it wasn’t an easy decision for us to share a part of our business with someone else, but now when I look back I feel that it was the best decision taken by us.

It was you who trusted your instincts and convinced me as well and trust me that made me believe that you have got a better sense of business than me. I wish that our business partnership stays as it is and we grow ten folds and even more than that in the future.




Thank you Letters for Business Partnership Sample 2

Hello Julia,

We are overwhelmed since we received your email in the morning. It is a matter of sheer pleasure for us that you have decided to extend the business relationship with us and will be an active partner in our next venture which is more of technological innovations.

I would like to present our gratitude to you and your team who has taken this collective decision to go ahead with the venture. I would like to invite the whole team to our office for a brief discussion on now that we have decided to partner, how do we plan to take this forward.

As we are currently in talks with a few prospective clients we would also like to take your feedback on the product.

Kindly let us know about your plans for visiting the office and we would again like to thank you for being a business partner. 

Team Viva


Thank you Letters for Business Partnership Sample 3

Hello Mike,

It is great to know that you have decided to buy half of the shares of our company and want to become a partner of 50 percent. It is great for us to have you in our team and we look forward to growing in the future together.

The last year has been tough for the company in terms of legal aspects and we are grateful that even after knowing all that you have decided to be a partner in the venture. We have been looking forward to having someone with the expertise in the are and you have come as a cherry n the cake as we know your extensive experience in the field and that you yourself have been to start two businesses that are acquired by big firms.

We want to thank you and want you to guide us through the difficult times so that we again come back to the leading position. The team will cooperate with you in every possible aspect. Looking forward to seeing you joining in the next week. 

Thank you




Thank you Letters for Business Partnership Sample 4

Hello Rob,

We have been friends since childhood but had ever expected that we will share the same teams. I am glad that we met in the start-up conclave and shared the ideas that we had.
Its been over 3 years that we founded this very company and grew from 3 to 50.
It feels no less than a dream to have a friend as the partner, this friendship have made our bond even stronger and I know because of this we have respected each other’s decision and have followed instincts.

You are the best partner anyone would have because you have understood my intentions behind taking business decisions. You have kept your trust in me when it comes to hiring the team members and handling operations and I feel that that authority has made me realize what being equal in a business means. I wish we continue working hard and strive for the highest of the goals.
Looking forward to having many more years of success.




Thank you Letters for Business Partnership Sample 5

Dear John,

Cheers to the 7th year of partnership!

I remember we began from two different companies in two different domains and then we saw the potential that we had together and then it took us just 2 months to draw the full plan for us. Since that day I feel that it was the best decision I ever made in my life.

With that merger, not only our businesses grew but also I gt a friend for a lifetime. You proved to be the best companion, you supported me in my personal life crisis. The business that we know today has been possible only because you invested so much of your time and money in this. I remember the days when you sat in the office for 16 hours just to deliver the projects on time.

We together have been like wall and I wish this wall never falls down. I wish that this partnership flourishes more and more and the plans that we have for the future are all accomplished. Kindly be by my side and always take care of the business the way you do it now. We would need you forever in the team for success to achieve in the future.


Your partner



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