Thank You Letter to Teacher: 4 Templates

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Thank You Letter to Teacher

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Subject- Thank You Letter to Teacher

I thought I’d loathe you forever when we first met in your English class. I despised the way you insisted on checking my school uniform and telling me to stand up straight before answering a question in class. I wondered what clothing or posture is to do with language arts. Well, what I thought was nitpicking about attire, posture, and grammar helped shape me into the successful individual I am today.

What I couldn’t stand were your unreasonable demands. You wouldn’t accept something unless it was the best we could possibly accomplish or the best we felt we could do — which was sometimes more than I thought I was capable of. What you believed was my best was almost always more work than I wanted to do – not just for class, but for whatever I did.

We had a lot of disagreements, especially at the start of the year. I’m not sure how many times you’ve locked me in during lunchtime. I initially mistook it for a punishment, but it turns out you were simply ensuring that I had time to calm down when things became really heated. I would speak my mind, cry, and make threats on several occasions. But you never lost your cool, and you might be the only adult I’ve ever known who never did.

I may not recall what your taught us about Beowulf in your English lesson today, but I do recall everything you told me about myself. Your belief in my abilities, which I now know, demonstrated my genuine worth, far beyond what I or anybody else in my past believed. You taught me that I could be anybody or anything I wanted to be, and that is the most essential lesson I’ve ever learned.

I appreciate it.

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thank you letter to teacher

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