A Thank you letter to son for making you proud

Having a son is a blessing for every parent. Son is like strength to the family, sons are the representatives of the family.

Dear, (name of the son)

I am very grateful to God for sending you in my life. You always made me proud. Since you were a child you were silent and you were always one the sensible kid around everybody. I may not be a great mother to you but you have been a very caring son to me. Now you have finally got admission to the topmost university of the world with your hard work and I am not surprised that you have managed to get the scholarship for your studies. I am always proud of you.

When you were preparing for the entrance exam, I was day and night praying for your success to God and now finally God has finally listened to my prayers. You always made me proud in front of everybody. I remember when in your school days I used to go to your parents’ teacher meetings, each and every teacher used to praise me for having a wonderful kid. You are my strength. I am so blessed to have you as my son. I love you. Take care of yourself.

You’re Loving


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