Thank You Letter to Parents of The Bride: 8 Types Templates

To become a bride is one of the dreams of every girl which she dreamt of. The wedding day is a blessing for every girl. Mostly girls are super excited about their wedding and also for their life partner. It is a journey of a girl from miss to Mrs.

How to write a thank you Letter to be bride:

  • Mention how you loved his caring nature
  • Promise to stand by him forever
  • You can tell if you have any special wishes 
  • Tell him about how you have planned a future for both of you

It is a life-changing day for every girl. Sometimes brides want to thank many people in their life. We have some samples for you to use.

Template: 1

Thank You Letter to Parents of The Bride

Dear Sam,

I know that we do not meet often these days as we both are busy in our lives and work. I just want to tell you that I always consider you my best friend and also thank you for being there in all the ups and downs of my life.

I want you to know that no matter what but I am never going to forget you and will always miss you from the core of my heart. 

I will always remember the day we used to roam at different places without any purpose. I will never forget the movies we watched together. All the fun we had together will always be in my memories and I will always cherish them.

You always gave me the required support and a helping hand at times when I needed them the most and today I want to thank you for being such a nice friend to me. 

Thank you for sharing food with me, for protecting me, for the friendship we have shared, and for everything. I love you!

Yours loving,


Template: 2

Thank You Letter to Parents of The Bride

Dear Parents,

At this point in life, when I am going to get married, I just want to tell you how special you are to me. I realize just how much you did for me. I need to truly thank you, mom, and dad.

You both are a blessing for me and distance doesn’t matter but you will always be in my heart. Anywhere I go, you both will go with me.

Dad, thank you for telling me what I am capable of. Forgiving me the support that I needed to build a dream to chase after. Thank you for spending countless hours with me. Thank you for sacrificing your sleep for me. 

Mom, thank you for making me realize I am worth everything in this world. Thank you for giving me your shoulder to cry. Thank you for giving me the strength to stand for justice. Thank you for the delicious infinite meals.

To both of you, mom and dad, thank you for showing me, true love. Without each of you, I would be nowhere. I love you so much!

Yours loving,


Template: 3

Dear “to be husband”

You are in my mind now and I think I should write it down. When I look at your picture I think my heart beats faster. You have given a real reason for my life. The happiness you gave me is irreplaceable.

I could not believe that I have met a person like you and now we are going to tie a knot. A knot that should be of lifetime togetherness. I know tomorrow will be better than today because of you. Your love has turned my life around. 

The last five years of our friends have been wonderful. You have always been open and honest about your feelings- that is something I have always cherished about you. My life revolves around you and you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Your support is the only thing which I need in our future. 

I know we are opposite in so many ways but I also promise you that I will never leave your hand. I know that you are the best life partner I could ever ask for.

I love you!

Yours loving,


Template: 4

Dear relatives,

I want to thank you all who make my life happy in so many ways. I want to tell you how much I appreciate being an important part of my life. Thank you so much for being with me in all the ups and downs of life.

I am very fortunate to have you all in my life. My life would be incomplete without you all. I enjoyed the time of my childhood which we spent together. You will forever hold a special place in my heart and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I will never forget my stay at your home. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was as comfortable as my own place. It was really fun spending the summer holidays at your place and going for a drive with cousins. Everything will be missed. I will always cherish those memories.

Thank you so much for making my childhood memorable. 

It was wonderful, as always, to see you at my wedding. Please reach out before the date. I can’t wait to catch up. Love you all!

Yours loving,


Template: 5

Wedding Thank You Letter to Parents of The Bride

Dear Parents,

I just want to say thank you very much for sending me the album, videos, and calendar of our pre-wedding shoot. We loved them. It was better than I ever expected. They turned out beautiful.

Thank you for your hard work in putting them together and also for being there before us to see all the arrangements. You helped things to run smoothly. 

You captured the unforgettable moments in a way I could have never predicted. Your talent is astounding and we are so lucky to have you as our wedding photographer.

We had a great time with you. You are a really nice person. We have seen a friend in you. It couldn’t be better. You have put in all your efforts and it can be easily seen. 

All the very best for your future and I make sure that you will get a huge list of events to get captured. See you at the wedding ceremonies. Thank you again!



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