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Thank you letter to Son for Serving the Country

A soldier is someone who has left everything for his country. He is the son of his country, for him not only his mother and father but everyone in the country is his family.

My dear son

I know it’s silly to say thank you to a son who is trying everything to make his country a safe place to live but my dear son, by the help of this letter I want to say that I am very proud of you and I am very grateful to have a son like you. I remember when you were a child your best nature was your selflessness and the nature that you portrayed in your childhood is still continued as the selfless warrior of our country. Because everyone in this country is living their life freely and safely. 

You have worked very hard to become a leader who you are today. With your good patience, you have proved yourself very strong physically and mentally. Always know how proud I am for the values you continue to uphold in the most concerning times. I love you and miss you a lot, my son. I hope you will get your holidays soon. I am eagerly waiting for you to be back home.

Thank you

Your loving mother


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