A Thank you Letter for Saving Animals

Animal aid organizations are considered as frontline heroes for animals. they are doing a duty of humanity.

Dear (name of the organization)

With the help of this letter, I want to convey my message to you that I and my society are very proud of you for saving stray dogs and helping them to stay in a better environment. The work that you are doing is one of the kindest work in this world. I hope that your organization will continue to help stray dogs like this in the future. These dogs don’t have any language to share with us but people like you show us their emotions and their loyalty.

With this small letter I want to share some amount of money with your organization to encourage you to grow more in the future and I want to become one of the volunteers for your organization. Please accept me as your volunteer. I also want to do something good for all living beings like you are doing. 

Kindly please reply to me as soon as possible if you accept me as one of your volunteers. you can contact me on my mobile number 8488 9988 how you can email me on [email protected]

yours sincerely


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