A Thank you Letter for Most Reliable Employee Award

Dear “Full name” 

Somethings come in our ways when they are least expected and this reward is one such. I worked really hard but it wouldn’t have been possible without my team and my selection is just like the best thing for me right now. I  need to communicate my thankfulness to you for the most reliable employee award toward the year’s end. The organization’s extraordinary development record makes me extremely pleased to be a piece of the group, and the reward speaks to me your trust in my capacities and my future with the organization. 

I do acknowledge not all associations esteem their chiefs’ very own commitment to the degree that ”company name”. does. Therefore, I feel very satisfied to work for a chef who put genuine motivators behind the empty talk some associations provide for thinking about their representatives as their most important resource. 

I hope that I grow at the same pace as the organization and would definitely make you proud in the coming times.

My work here is extremely fulfilling. Thank you. 


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