A Thank you Letter for hosting us with love in a hotel

When we visit a hotel for luxury property. Only there are hosts who give you the feeling of luxury. the worth of the property is not luxurious without having a good host to serve you there.

Dear (name of the person),

Last week when I visited your hotel I was very e little excited to come there. I just wanted to spend my holidays with my friends but my family forced me to go with them and stay at your property. my dear host, I am very thankful to you for making my experience a memory of a lifetime. The hospitality that you gave was very wonderful. Your concern about everything regarding our stay made us feel very special. you are the best host I have ever seen.

The meal that you served us at breakfast lunch dinner was very delicious and the special meal that was your chef’s special what’s something that I have never tasted and that meal will attract me, again and again, to come and visit your property. I can’t appreciate enough in this small letter because letters can’t explain the feelings that you want to express sometimes. but this is my gratitude towards you for making me so comfortable for making me forget my friends on this holiday. I am sure that I will come here again and again with everybody in the future on every holiday. Thank you for giving us such a lovely experience.

yours sincerely

(name of the person)

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