A Thank you Letter for Helping the Homeless

Nothing can dim a light that shines within. Social work is a kind of light that always shines within you. Every person has a hidden social worker inside them and we should always try to take them out. 

Hello “Name of the person”

It’s been 3 years working with you in the same office and I never knew that you are such a kind person. I saw you late last night yesterday when you were offering some warm clothes and blankets to the needy people on the footpath. I was amazed to see you that way and got tears in my eyes. I think everyone should try thinking the way you did. Nowadays, the nights are so chilling and the kind of satisfaction you were giving to those people must be appreciable.

You have opened my eyes and I also want to do something for them. I believe anything is possible and I was meant for this work. There is nothing else that would make me happier. I think we can work as a team and can make a difference. This act of kindness has really touched my heart. I am so blessed that I work with a person like you. I can’t wait to discuss more the same.

Thank you so much for enlightening my way. You are the role model for me.



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