A Thank you Letter for Helping Flood Victims

Social work is a work of heart. People are not in it for income but they are in it for the outcome. If we can not help them then at least we should thank them for their kindness and selfless dedication for the well being of our society.

Hello “Name of the social worker”

It felt great hearing about the success of your organization. I have heard a lot of stories of your organization and I am so happy to know that we still have people like you. The initiatives you have taken for the flood victims is significant. Behind every successful organization, there are social workers like you. You have done prominent works for the victims. Your team works tirelessly day and night to make their lives better. 

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile and you have proved it right. The way you are working, you will get indefinite blessings of the people from all their hearts. The victims got relieved after getting your help. The way you and your team providing them medication and useful stuff is appreciable. I hope you will get more and more people who will join you in this act of kindness. Your renowned organization will definitely reach its goal by helping people. If you ever need any help, then I will always be there with you. 

I am proud of you and your entire team. Thank you for your kindness.



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