Thank You Letter from Santa: 4 Templates

Do we really say ‘thanks’ to Santa? We mean, are there any real people? Well, we actually say thanks to the person who we consider to be the ‘Santa’ in our lives. So, here are some letter templates where you will get to know some interesting styles to say ‘thanks’ to the persons who bring happiness to your life.

Letter Template: 1

Thank You Letter from Santa


My little one,

It’s that time of the year again, well everyone knows what it is, and it is Christmas! I wish you a Merry Christmas my little friend and I wish you and your family good health.

I know you all have been waiting for this night for so long and now the wait is over. I must say that the gingerbread was the best I ever had. All the presents you have asked for are there below the chimney and also there is a surprise for you in that room and I want you to find it out, few clues are there which will help you find your surprise gift. I hope you will have a great Christmas as well as a happy new year.

I was very happy to present you with all the gifts, happiness and love. May all your wishes come true and I wish the best for your future. You really maintained a good behavior and respected your parents and I am very happy for this reason. I have also noticed that you got a very good result this year and I am proud of you so much. 

You should behave like this more often if you want to get more gifts next time.

I promise if you respect your parents, behave properly, be kind and humble to others, help the people who are in need and also continue to get good marks in your exams, you will get a much bigger surprise next year. 

I better run now or I will be late to deliver the other gifts to all the children. Once again I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance and you should promise not to disappoint me ever and always remember I love you and I will always come to the year that gingerbread.


Your Santa 

Letter Template: 2

Thank You Letter from Santa


The youngest one,

I wish you a Merry Christmas my dear child; I wish you and your family good health and prosperity. May all your dreams come true and you achieve success in your life. Hope you will enjoy this day to the fullest with your family members and many blessings are coming your way. You should keep up with your hard work and I guarantee you will achieve everything you have ever dreamt of.

Thank you so much for achieving such great marks in your class, I got to know that you behaved properly throughout the year and respected all your teachers and your fellow classmates. 

I am extremely happy that you achieved 1st position in your class among all the other students. This time I left all the gifts in different places and I want you to find them one by one but you are not allowed to take anyone’s help. There is also a surprise gift for you which you will get besides the sofa but you can only open it when you have found all the other gifts.

The way you listen to your parents and obey all the rules of the house is so much commendable and I am really very happy to visit your house. I must admit all the decorations were so beautiful but of course, the chocolate chip cookies were the best among everything. Please keep more cookies from the next time so that I can take some with me to eat later.

I am really impressed by seeing your interest in the poor people and the craze you have to help them. Thank you so much for behaving properly and if you continue behaving like this with everyone and keep maintaining good academic results and also respecting others then I promise to surprise you with amazing gifts that you have always wanted. 

Always yours,

Santa Claus 

Letter Template: 3

Thank You Letter from Santa


My favorite child,

Firstly I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and I hope this Christmas brings happiness, prosperity, and happiness to your family. May all your dreams come true and you enjoy this Christmas Eve to your fullest with your family and friends.

For me the wait is over and again I will get the chance to taste so many foods in so many different places, but to be honest I personally waited to taste the gingerbread you make for me. It is so delicious and wonderful and it is the best gingerbread I have ever had for many years. The decorations were just perfect.

 Also my special thanks to you for my return gift, I really liked it a lot. I found your wish list in the socks which were hanging on the Christmas tree and according to the list you wanted to have peace and happiness within your family, it was the thing which impressed me the most, and believes it or not after reading that I wanted to gift you everything possible on this planet.

 I am also very impressed that you didn’t only want gifts for yourself but also for your parents. I really like it when children respect their parents so much just because they love them. Not only parents you also respect everyone whether it be a housekeeper or someone who is very reputed.

Though you are so young you have so much caliber in you, I’m sure you are going to get a return for your hard work and your parents are going to be so proud of you. 

You should never lose that behavior and I can assure you that if you continue with all your good deeds you are going to become successful very soon you will always have my blessings with you and of course, more surprises will be there for you. Again I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Your beloved,

Santa Claus

Letter Template: 4

Thank You Letter from Santa


The little one,

The wait is finally over and the day has finally arrived, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance. I wish and try that every child wakes up with an amazing present and a thank you letter from me on this auspicious day of the year.

Through this letter, I want to convey to all the lovely kids how I feel after tasting the delicious food you all named for me like gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, milk and bread, etc. I get overflowed with joy while packing your presents and I myself cannot wait to hand them over to you all. 

This year I am not only presenting you with your favorite gifts but also with the gifts you need to focus more on your life. I hope this Christmas brings happiness and prosperity to your family and also blesses you with all the things you require. Last Christmas you promised me to behave like a good kid and it makes me so happy to see you keeping up with your promise. I am really very thankful to you for not breaking your promise.

 I feel really good to present every child like you with interesting and amazing surprises which you all really deserve. I hope that with the caliber that I saw in you, you will really work on it and lead a successful life.

Once again I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance. I hope you like all your presents as well as the surprises and I am really excited to see all of your reactions while you open the presents. But it’s not possible for me to be there for everyone at the same time, so through my magic, I will be able to see all of your reactions and I hope you all will live it. Best regards 

Your Santa Claus

Letter Template: 5

Thank You Letter from Santa


My dear one,

Hope you and your family are doing well. I wish you and them a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. It’s a pleasure to gift amazing presents to amazing kids like you who obey all the rules and maintain perfect behavior. Hope you will keep this up.

Last year many children promised me to behave well and respect everyone equally and especially respect their parents, but it is sad to know that many of them didn’t keep their promises whereas I am extremely happy to see you keeping up with all your promise. The way you kept up with our words for so many consecutive years at such a young age is so much appreciable. 

There is no doubt that the gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, and the milk and bread you kept for me were so delicious, in fact, I couldn’t forget the taste of it. I hope that you will keep this delicious food for me every year and in return, I will never miss the chance to surprise you with amazing gifts which you always wanted to have in your life. I promise to be a good Santa for you if you maintain behaving like this with your parents and also if you behave politely with strangers. 

The way you helped needy people in the last year was so commendable that I presented you with not only the gifts you wanted but also with the blessings which will make your life more successful and you will always be happy.

I hope you will have a great time this Christmas Eve with your friends and family. As there are few days left this year, I want to say some last words in this letter for this year. I hope this New Year brings you happiness, prosperity, love, and laughter in your lives, and may it be even better than the previous year. Hope you visit your house again and have delicious food again and hope you will again get amazing surprises.


Your Santa Claus

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