Thank you Letter for warm welcome – 8 Sample Formats

It is evident that while someone joins our organization, we try to give them the best kind of welcome so that they dont feel out of the place. One of the major goals that we have behind a warm welcome is that the person feels a part of the new team and doesn’t get uncomfortable in the new environment.

Make sure you build a good relationship with one who is joining and it will motivate the person to come to office and also be frank while in need. Welcome meetings are usually informal and the mails for the same purpose is drafted by the human resource team.

Thank you Letter for warm welcome

Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 1

Dear John, 

This letter is to thank all the employees for such a warm welcome. I have been named as the new CEO (Job assignment) of the organization and I never had such regard and neighborly climate. The welcome treat was outstanding. All the representatives appeared to be amicable and agreeable. I again show appreciation for such a welcome at the workplace.

Thank you for making me comfortable and I promise that I will work hard and will reach out to you if anything is required.

Truly Yours, 




Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 2

Dear Peter, 

Thank you particularly for your warm welcome on my ongoing visit to your incredible Institution. In fact your group is working superbly on which (a Muslim country), could be pleased with. May God reward you all in the two universes. You will be given opportunities to work as hard as you want and we treat work like our first priority.

I have passed on my impressions to our group here and we have chosen to send a four-part group in the primary seven day stretch of November for an inside and out the examination. Henry authorities of Educational Trust will organize with you about the game plans. We anticipate your esteemed participation. 

I have sent a different mail to (Authority name) to thank him. My appreciation likewise goes to your significant other who checked out clarifying the undertaking. 




Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 3

Great morning colleagues, 

I’d prefer to accept this open door to welcome David Smithers as another colleague. 

David has gone along with us toward the beginning of today, and I’m certain he will be an incredible expansion as he has come to us enthusiastically suggested and will no uncertainty bring a much-needed refresher and an alternate arrangement of aptitudes to the table. 

If it’s not too much trouble note that David is arranged in Office 308. If you don’t mind making time during the day to drop by and present yourself. We should cause David to feel as welcome as would be prudent. 


Ken Smith 


Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 4

Welcome group, 

I believe early today discovers you well and prepared for a bustling day. 

I’m satisfied to declare that we have another part who has gone along with us today. Her name is Anita Browning. Anita is joining the group as a software engineer. She has exhibited a high level of ability, yet she should be acquainted with the association and how it functions.I’m certain that every one of you will expand her every cordiality as she settles in and begins giving her guts. 

Welcome on board, Anita. We trust you’re as eager to be here as we are to have you here. 


Kenneth Rooney 


Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 5

Dear Deborah, 

I needed to accept this open door to state welcome on board. 

We’re so eager to have you in our group. I’ve heard a ton about your business aptitudes and anticipate gaining from you. Our group is huge, and it’s comprised of a gathering of various people. You may see us as extremely vocal in your first gathering. 

We love to conceptualize thoughts as a group which is some of the time an uproarious and untidy procedure. Forewarned is forearmed! I need you to feel comfortable and quiet with us. 

Don’t hesitate to cause any data sources you to feel will propel our group and its goals. 

Kind Regards, 

Annabelle Davis 


Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 6

Dear Terrence, 

I’m so eager to have the option to welcome you to our group. 

I’ve heard such a great amount about you and anticipate finding a workable pace. Your notoriety has gone before you! I needed to send you a message to state welcome on board yet additionally to urge you to move toward me on the off chance that you have any inquiries whatsoever. 

Exploring another association and learning its subtleties and culture can be testing. I needed you to realize you don’t need to do only it as I’m here to help with anything you need. 

All the best for your first day. I trust it’s amazing. 


Brett Fox 


Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 7

Dear Susan 

I needed to welcome you locally in our office here in San Andreas. 

Everybody is foreseeing the commitment you’ll be making to take our association forward. I am no special case. We won’t be cooperating straightforwardly as I’m in the IT division, and you’re in Sales. 

Be that as it may, I’m planning to invest some energy with you to get counsel on how we can streamline the business framework. At this moment, it’s not as powerful as we’d like it to be. 

I trust you will be exceptionally cheerful in your new position. 

Kind Regards 

William Baxter 


Thank you Letter for warm welcome Sample 8

Dear Colin, 

At the point when I heard you were joining our association, I was extremely glad. I anticipate finding a workable pace for you. A few companions I know from the association you worked for recently said that you’re a persevering person with a great deal of drive. 

At this moment, as HR director, I’m searching for thoughts to prepare colleagues on profitability and time the board. I thought about whether you may have any bits of knowledge for me. I trust you settle in rapidly and anticipate seeing the positive commitment you’ll be making to the organization. 

Kind respects, 

Annette Ryan

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