Thank You Letter for Service Retiree – 7 Sample Templates

Retiree is someone who has served the organization for a long time and then leaves you to start a new phase of their life. It is very important for an organization to thank them for their significant contribution and the projects that they successfully delivered.

In an organization an employee is like a family who uses their technical skills for the growth of organization. A retiree deserves a thank you from his team, his boss and the organization.

Thank You Letter for Service Retiree

Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 1

Dear office-bound companions, 

My last day with the association has traveled every which way. I am currently a way into my fourth day of retirement, and I can let you know, sitting by the seashore is so great. Try not to misunderstand me, I don’t plan to go through consistently at the sea shore. In the long run, taking a shot at my tan will get exhausting. At the point when that occurs, I intend to go angling. 

Despite the fact that my retirement is presently official, I despite everything battle with blended feelings. As I dreaded, I miss all of you awfully. What I don’t miss is the heavily congested traffic to and from work or being the just one on our floor that realizes how to make espresso. What I do miss is the fellowship I imparted to all of you, the rush of beating cutoff times and the triumph of increasing new client accounts. 

Some of you I may never observe again. Others, I trust I do. I will watch all of you through Facebook (talking about which, some of you truly need to rethink your profile picture). Truly however, I need to thank every one of you again for making my working life a wonderful one. I won’t overlook the companions I made at ACC Incorporated. 


Morris Burger 


Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 2

Hello Mr. Peterson,

Your leaving marks the finish of a period here at John’s. I realize we will all come to welcome you significantly more when we attempt to fill the void that you will leave. In your 23 years here you have been a guide to us all. You have taken this division to the main edge of the business, which is the sort of record any organization should envy.

Considerably progressively significant however are the companionships you have created over that time. We will all miss you without a doubt. 

Much thanks to all of you for the awesome send-off gathering. It was pleasant to have the whole group in one spot. It certainly made bidding farewell increasingly advantageous, however not simpler. Perhaps sometime in the not so distant future, state 5 or 10 years, I will wish I were back in the everyday 9-to-5 crush. Yet, until further notice, I am essentially appreciating life. I truly wish all of you could be here to appreciate it with me. 

Team Kraft


Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 3

Hello Mrs. Samatha,

In the interest of the Board of Trustees, I would like  to thank you for your unequaled exhibition during these previous 20 years, as we salute you on your retirement. The years you have worked here have been set apart by amazing effectiveness and greatness.

You have been a motivation to every one of us. We trust you will respect us by going to a dinner Saturday evening in energy about your profession with Doe Industries. 

Team SonTeck


Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 4

Hello Sanya,

In the event of your retirement, we as a whole need to thank you for your numerous long periods of extraordinary initiative. Everybody concurs that you have an uncommon mix of vision, decency, and comprehension – significant characteristics for a compelling chief.

A considerable lot of us have extra close to home purposes behind our appreciation, for you have focused on our particular needs. Without broadly expounding, we give you an exception. A debt of gratitude is in order for your mind. We thank you for all you have done and all you have shown us and send our absolute best wishes for a glad retirement. 

TIly Tiley Marketing


Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 5

Mr. Robert

In the course of the most recent 24 years you have been an enormous advantage for this organization. Our clients were consistently in acceptable hands with you. You were constantly patient, and touchy to their necessities. 

We realized that you could be trusted to contribute and help with extra assignments when required. Your reliability to our organization has been demonstrated over and over. 

Presently, another period of your life is starting. It is a chance to travel all the more widely, as you’ve wanted. I trust that you additionally set aside the effort to compose that book that you have been discussing throughout the previous five years. Your judicious arranging will unquestionably bear the cost of you these and a lot all the more energizing chances. 

We wish you a glad and satisfying retirement. You will be significantly missed. 



Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 6

Hello Mrs. Williamson,

Has it truly been 29 years? Working with you has surely been a delight. Congrats on your lavishly merited and hotly anticipated retirement. 

Your profession has been a model to follow. I can’t check the occasions I have come into your office this year alone to request counsel. Our specialization would not be the achievement it is today, in the event that it were not for the difficult work and commitment of individuals like you. 

May you resign realizing that you have made a surprising commitment to the lives of your associates. We will be miserable to see you leave. 

All the best, 


Thank You Letter for Service Retiree Sample 7

Hello Mr. TImothy,

Thirty years is an extremely prolonged stretch of time. You’ve buckled down. Presently it’s a great opportunity to appreciate that magnificent retirement you’ve arranged. Congrats! 

A significant number of us have watched you throughout the years. I wouldn’t fret revealing to you that I’ve constantly seen your assurance and center as motivating. You have ceaselessly figured out how to succeed where others have fizzled – under troublesome time and spending limitations, in poor working conditions, and so on. 

It has been my respect to have worked with you for 24 of the most recent 30 years. Your pledge to greatness has left an enduring imprint on every one of us. Much thanks to you for contacting our lives in such a positive and important way. You will be incredibly missed. 

All the best,

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