Thank You Letter for Hospitality: 10 Types Templates

It is very necessary to be thankful for the opportunities that you get and that’s what keeps you down to earth. So next time when you go to any place or you are hosted by someone d not forget to thank them for the hospitality and for the love of hosting.

IN the letter you must write a very polite note about how they have made you feel important and how you would praise them if they also visit you sometime. Hospitality is a form of love and you must never disregard it so go ahead and write a letter to the ones who hosted you anytime in past or doing something for you now.

Template: 1

Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Riya, 

I am back in San Fransico and have gone to my first day in school. I am writing to reveal to you the amount I memories that I made are just uncountable. I have brought back rich and everlasting recollections. You were an incredible lady and made careful arrangements to make me agreeable.

I profoundly value your mindful signals and genuinely trust that the chance of responding to your hospitality comes in my direction soon. It was an exceptionally engaging excursion with no uncertainty and I will always value the agreeable minutes. 

Much obliged to you by and by for the glorious time I had with all of you. Make sure to pay my respects to aunt and uncle and love to Nancy. 

Genuinely Yours, 


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Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Monty, 

Much thanks for the glow and hospitality you demonstrated to me on my visit to your place a month ago. Not for a minute, did I feel uncomfortable or an undesirable visitor. It is said a fish and a visitor start to smell the following three days.

Be that as it may, I remained for about fourteen days and not a solitary number of dissent from any of you. I can’t overlook those excursions and those motion pictures. Your youngsters are such sweet things. 

Generously respond to the visit by going to our place during vaca­tions. 

Yours genuinely, 


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Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Uncle, 

Many thanks for the hospitality I appreciated at your home. It was the most pleasant end of the week I at any point had. You were so decent as was Aunty. She arranged numerous new and flavorful dishes for me and Choy, my closest companion and your sweetheart child.

I might want that Choy puts in a couple of days with me at our living arrangement. My folks would be quite satisfied to get and engage him. From time to time they notice him in one lovely setting or the other. 

It would be ideal if you visit us at some point one month from now. We as a whole will be exceptionally happy to get you. Father is exceptionally anxious to meet you. He needs to trade with you his perspectives on winning political climate and social changes. In addition, he imparts to you a typical side interest of getting a charge out of western music. 

Much appreciated by and by. 

Yours consciously, 


Template: 4

Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Sunny, 

It was actually a major threat to go through seven days with you and your family in Varanasi. I don’t have the foggiest idea of how to express gratitude toward” you enough for all the difficulty you took to make my stay there so charming and noteworthy. I making the most of your assistance in my work and hospitality however much I might want. 

My week-long remain with you gave the two of us a brilliant chance to talk about such a large number of intriguing things and to come still nearer to one another as close and true companions. Other than appreciating the shadow-play of two-dimensional manikins, the visit to the acclaimed Buddhist landmark at Bodhgaya was truly energizing. 

I would especially acknowledge whether you could offer me a chance to return hospitality and love by visiting us at some point one month from now. It would offer me another chance to make the most of your cozy and warm organization indeed. My significant other goes along with me in broadening this greeting.

Furthermore, my folks anticipate your visit to Bodhgaya. Much obliged to you by and by for your adoration, kinship, and hospitality. I wonder in the event that you will before long oblige me by visiting us. 

With all the best. 

Yours affectionately, 


Template: 5

Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Uncle Horton, 

I simply needed to tell you what an incredible day we had with you while we were in Boise. You are an awesome guide and it was so pleasant of you to have taken us out for a voyage through the zone. The view was delightful and the children cherished the Discovery Center. 

I don’t know when we’ll visit once more, however, I trust it won’t be excessively long – it’s always pleasant seeing you and we had a great time while we were there. Furthermore, if you don’t mind let us know about any plans you may need to visit New York. We would adore for you to visit us at some point and afterward we could have the delight of taking you around. 

Much obliged again for a really extraordinary day. 

Much love, 


Template: 6

Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Rick, 

I simply needed to compose a note to thank you again for the brilliant visit we had with you. We genuinely welcome the time you went through with us and the children. It’s nothing unexpected that they’re constantly eager to see you! 

The Thanksgiving supper was exceptional Jean, and thank you, Rick, for all your assistance with my PC. We anticipate one year from now at our home! 


Senior member 

Template: 7

Thank You Letter for Hospitality

Dear Nina, 

Much obliged to you such a great amount for the brilliant visit to your home. We generally make some extraordinary memories at whatever point we’re with you. We simply wish we saw you all the more regularly. 

Much obliged to you such a great amount for the flawless suppers you made for us. David adored the Chicken Paprikash and obviously, I’m constantly a devotee of the zucchini quiche. I’m constantly enlivened at whatever point I’m with you since you have the stunning capacity to make such beautiful dinners easily. The sourdough waffles were fantastic just like the lattes. 

Be that as it may, regardless of whether we’re eating Jimboy’s Tacos, we love imparting dinners to you. We would like to see you all the more regularly in the new year. 

Warm Regards, 


Template: 8

A friend is someone who lets you stay in his house like your own sometimes when in hard times when there is nobody a friend is there for making your stay very beautiful.

Thank You Letter for Gracious Hospitality

Dear (name of the friend),

I am very thankful to you for letting me stay in your house since my mother got suffered from cancer I am unable to arrange sufficient funds to stay in hotels, I could only arrange the room for my mother in the hospital but my dear friend you are such a lifesaver, I am very grateful to have a friend like you I could not repay you what you have done for me. Someone said right a friend is ‘someone who is always standing by your side not only in your happiness but your hard times also’.

In this critical situation when my mother is suffering from a deadly disease, you tried everything to calm me down. The food that you saved me the best means that I have eaten after so many days. Thank you for your time and gracious hospitality. Thanks again for doing everything to make me feel at home. do not hesitate to contact me in the future if you need any help. God bless you and stay healthy.

thank you


Template: 9

A friend is one of the best gifts that are sent by God. Sometimes when you have nobody you always love to stay at your friend’s house and remember about the memories that you spent together.

Thank You Letter for Good Hospitality

My dear (name of the person)

I want to thank you for your hospitality, last night when I came to this city I have got to know that my hotel booking got canceled and I was very tensed but then I remembered that you live here and I contacted you, with the help of this letter i want to thank you for letting me stay in your house last night. The food that you served me was very delicious. I will remember your hospitality for your whole life. I cannot thank you enough in this small letter but I am very grateful to have a friend like you. please call me when you come to my city.

The night that we spent together with our old memories is not forgettable for me. you are one of the precious friends of mine and you have proved it.  yesterday I really enjoyed your company.

The environment in your house was very pleasant. The meal and hospitality were amazing. I can’t say enough about your kindness and generosity. Your house is very beautiful and the Aroma of your kitchen is also very mouth-watering. I am so glad that I visited your house. Please call me when you come to my city and if you need any help in the future please call me without any hesitation I will come to you anytime and please note my number that is 848 888009 and my email ID is [email protected].

Thank you


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