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A Thank you Letter for filling my life with love

Sometimes your adopted child take care of you better than your actual child because you always knew how much you did for him

A Thank you Letter for filling my life with love

Dear Lovely mother,

Today I want to confess this right in front of you that you both made my life so much more worthwhile adopting me as your child. Now when my father is dead and I know that you are in so much pain with the help of this letter I want to tell you that I am I’m very grateful for you both for adopting me and I want to make a promise that I will try do everything to make you happy and to fill the presence of dad in your life.

I also miss my dad a lot but I cannot do anything to get him back since the day he adopted me with you. He did everything to make me a successful child. Now I can say that my success is all because of his hard work. you both made My childhood full of learning, adventures, countless days as my friends.

Every single day I felt so loved by both of you. you both taught me right from wrong. I know I have made many mistakes in the past and I regret all of them today. I also know that you and dad always forgave me for all my mistakes so I could learn from them. You two were always my biggest fans. you supported me everywhere today I am everything because of you both. Now today Dad is not with us, I promise you to make myself more worthy for you.

I know that I cannot repay you for what you have done for me but I will try to do everything to make you happy. I know words are not enough to express my feelings in this small letter but I just want you to know that I love you both a lot.

Your loving son 


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