A Thank you Letter to your Brother for Throwing a Party

Brothers always hold a special place in our hearts and can never forget us in any age group. They always love their sisters and credit to protect them at any cost. We should always be thankful to our brothers for taking some time for us and inviting us to their holiday party.

Dear brother,

I was thinking of you and then exactly I received your letter. I am so happy to get invited to the holiday party in the coming weekend. I am overwhelmed to know that you always remember me. I am thrilled to get the invitation and that we are going to meet after a long time. I really miss those days which we spent together studying, playing, and fighting and now finally the time has come for a reunion in the form of a holiday party. it will be real fun out there and don’t forget to keep a special gift for your sister as you already know about my favorites.

You always hold a special place in my heart. I hope the childhood days can come back again. I have known you for long but what you did for me in the past was something only the siblings can do. You are actually standing by me in all the ups and downs of life and proved yourself as the best brother in the world. 

I would again like to express my gratitude to you for inviting me to your party. a brother like you is difficult to find and I am fortunate enough to have one like you. 

I love you always!

your loving sister,


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