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A Thank You Letter to boss for Holiday on Job Anniversary

Employees are an important part of any company but if you have a great boss working with you, a company will surely get better output from their employees.

Dear (Name of the boss)

I am very grateful for having such a kind Boss in my company. I never realized that you recognized that this year will be my 5 year anniversary in the office but you surprise me by sending the tickets to UAE for a holiday as my 5th-year anniversary gift. I am very thankful to you, you do very much for your employees. I am also surprised that you knew that I wanted to go to the UAE for a very long time and you paid for the skydiving adventure ticket for me. 

I searched for everything that you have for me. I would never imagine such a type of gift for my boss but you are Such wonderful Boss.the luxurious Hotel the adventure sports everything that you booked is next to awesome. I am very thankful to you for valuing me as your employee. With the help of this small letter, I want to promise you that I will do my work more sincerely from now on. I will never let you down. I also want you to join me in this trip, the trip will be more enjoyable if you come with me.

yours sincerely


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