Thank You for Boosting Confidence with Award Letter: 4 Templates

When you work in an organization you always give your best so as to achieve the desired outcomes for your corporation.

When your company benefits from you, apart from a raise in salary, what works great in boosting your confidence more is a few words of appreciation, acknowledgment through accolades or an award.

Receiving an award is a great honor and writing a thank you letter is a must for it. Make sure to go through the sample letters written by me if you want to frame your ideal letter.

Template: 1

Dear Sir, 

It’s in fact an incredible benefit for me to receive this specific award from you. 

I am a lot of thanks to you for respecting me for exceeding expectations in the obligation that is being given to me. I will keep my excitement up in my future work too. Awards like this are the supporters of faculty like us.

This ward has boosted my confidence and I promise that my performance will now just go up and up.

I feel that my strategy last year has worked wonders for me and I would try to follow it this year as well and also will change it for better performance.

This organization has never failed to amaze me and whenever some are given due credits for their work, I get motivated to work even harder. Thank you for this honor and I will definitely work even more now.

Thank you for this significant privilege. 


thank you boosting confidence with award letter

Template: 2

Sub – Letter for Boosting Confidence with Award.

Dear (Sir/madam), 

I am pleased to be acknowledged for being the receiver of (Name of the award) conferred through (Name of the organization). Your accolade has made me very felicitous.

I am a (Mention your role) of (Mention the name of organization). This institute has escorted me very well from the beginning so that I can become a very good fighter in the future. Everyone is seen at this institute with equal consideration so that no one feels abandoned.

It feels bad to say that this will be my last year at this institute, as a (Mention your role). And I admit myself lucky to have been associated with the Institute for so many years. I believe in the future; this organization will work the same way for everyone else.

I would not have received this honor without your recognition and attention. 

Once again thank you for preferring me for the honor.

Yours sincerely, 

(Mention Your Name)

thank you boosting confidence with award letter

Template: 3

Sub – Letter for Boosting Confidence with Award.

Respected (Sir/madam), 

I am writing this letter to appreciate your generous contribution towards my award for (Mention the cause of giving honor). Without your support, I would not have achieved this feat.

I have never achieved any award, and I never thought I would be nominated for an award. I have never been able to perform for the rest of my life in a way that can bring me an award. I couldn’t believe my ears when they chose my name as the award winner.

And when they called me on stage to give me the award, I first trembled with excitement. And when I was on stage, I was speechless and could say nothing since I had never enjoyed such a situation. 

So I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to those who are my well-wishers and always support me. I think this award will give me the courage to move forward in the future.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully, 

(Mention Your Name)

thank you boosting confidence with award letter

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