A Thank you Letter for Guiding me in Internship

Name of a mentor, 

I can’t believe that my 6 months of internship are already over because of how the time flew away I have no idea. I know that in these months  I have committed many mistakes and with every mistake, you have taught me something new which I would be never able to pay back. With every error that I caused, you taught me new techniques and coding ethics and I will forever remember them as I dont feel any book or sources would ever teach me that.

I need to state how stunning the previous scarcely any months have been. It’s been an absolute joy working with you. Plainly you have unimaginable software designing gifts and your capacity to comprehend issues from a large scale level is out and out unique. 

I truly trust I get the chance to work with you again later on. The following is my contact information. I’d love it on the off chance that we remained associated and in the event that you let me know whether you know about any employment opportunities. 

Thank you so much for everything, 

Your name

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