Thank You For Understanding:7 Best Letter & Email Templates

All the relationships that we have no matter professional or personal, the one thing which is necessary are understanding and this has to be a two-way thing and if in some condition your partner understands your situation or when you are not able to do something and the person in front of you instead of reacting, understands the situation.

You must thank that person and make sure that you convey to them how grateful are you to them for them being so understanding.

How to write good letters for conveying your gratitude for their understanding-

  • Be very polite with your language
  • Explain what was the situation in detail
  • Tell then that you would definitely fulfill your responsibility as soon as possible
  • You must tell them how important are they to you 

Thank You For understanding Letters & Email Templates

Thank you for understanding when you forgot attending family dinner

Hello dear,

I hope you are doing good. I heard about the last evening and I am really sorry I couldn’t attend the family dinner. I am extremely grateful to you for understanding my situation and answering everyone on my behalf. I wouldn’t have been able to explain to everyone and its only because of you that no one questioned me. 

I really had no clue that a sudden meeting will come with a client who I have been working so hard to get on board and this client is extremely important for me as my promotion is pending only because of this. I am working hard day in and day out on presentations for these clients and I am so glad to tell you that my meeting went well and we are expecting to sign a contract soon. 

My dear, I promise once all this is over I will make it up for , and thank you so much for always understanding me and helping me with family relations.



Thank you for understanding when you couldn’t come to office 

Hello “Full Name”

Greetings for the day!

I am really glad that my leave have been sanctioned even on such short notice. I am extremely regretful because this has come so unexpectedly but because it was family I couldn’t back out. You really are a great person and an extremely understanding manager.

It is been years that we have been working together and the way you have motivated all of us to have a balanced life. You always taught us to spend time with family as well as focus on work and it’s you because of whom I have been able to be a part of many family functions over the year. I also want to tell you that though I won’t be able to come to the office, you can find the presentations on the cloud and also that if there is anything urgent you can reach out to me on call, I will be more than happy to help. 

Once again, thank you so much for being such an understanding, and it is because of you we enjoy work and gove our 100% every day. I will be back in office in two days.



Thank you letter for understanding for the delay in delivery

Hello Sir/Mam,

We regret the delay in the delivery of your product which you ordered on “Date”. We have called our courier partners to track the status of the parcel and we have come to know that due to sudden change in climate in the route through which the product was supposed to reach you, the product is stuck at one of our warehouses. 

We are really glad that you have understood our misery of not being able to help you. As this was a completely unavoidable situation we will make sure that the product reaches you once the weather improves. To compensate for this not very good experience we would like to waive of the product price.

We are glad we have customers like you who have understood our situations and supported us.



Thank you letter for understanding the delay in response 

Hello Sir/Mam,

I would first like to apologize for this delay in responding to your queries and then I would like to say I am grateful for your understanding. As it was the last month of the year and the whole office was out on holiday, we were unable to help you because of manpower in the office.

We have attached the responses to all your queries on this mail and would be happy to answer any more questions if you have. 

Once again accept our apologies for being late in responding.



Thank you letter for understanding your absence in the annual seminar

Hello, “Full Name”,

I am grateful that this year I have received your request for me being one of the speakers of your annual seminar which will be conducted in “City Name” in September but as I mentioned I will not be able to make it to the annual seminar due to my prior commitments herein “Company Name”. 

I am extremely happy with the email that you have sent and thank you so much for understanding my commitments and not be disappointed with me and respecting my commitments here. I will make sure that I dont disappoint you next time and hence will be available for your next event. 



Thank you letter for understanding not being able to attend the marriage

Hello, “Full Name” 

I am so glad that this year finally you are going to marry the girl of your dreams and you both now are in such a happy place. Though it really makes me sad that sue to my professional commitments I won’t be able to attend the function as I will not be in the city that week. 

What makes me feel less miserable is a friend like you who has always understood the situation and not made me feel bad for being absent on your big day. But as I want to do something so that I make it up to you two’s expectation, I am sending a holiday package for you both in Mauritius and will meet you guys after we both return to the city.

I am blessed to have friends who are so understanding. Have a happy married, my friend.


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