Thank You for Serving Our Country Letter: 4 Templates

No one in this world is famous as a soldier. A person who is always ready to die for the people of his country.

Template: 1

Thank You for Serving Our Country Letter

Dear (Name of the Soldier)

On behalf of every citizen of the country, I would like to thank you for your service and the sacrifices that you are doing for the welfare or good run of our country. I am very proud of you sir. I know thanking you is not enough for your services because you are doing something which cannot be repaid. Your willingness to save and serve the country demonstrates your love for the welfare of the country.

I know it’s very hard to live the life of a soldier. Far from your family and everyone knows about how soldiers are trained for the worse, because of your people we are living a safe life at our home. Sometimes when I sit at my dinner table and have dinner with my family, the thought of you people makes me sad that you are sacrificing your good quality of living and food only for us. 

I know I cannot thank you enough for your service, but with the help of this letter I want to convey my message to you and all the soldiers that I am always available to you and your family. Please do not hesitate to call me for anything, i will be very grateful if I can do anything for you people in return.

Thank You 


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