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Thank you for Relief Goods: 6 Letter & Email Templates

Relief goods are such goods that are sent for the social welfare of the people in case of disasters or any other emergencies. It can be food, water, medication, clothes, etc. Thousands of tons of relief items piled up in case of emergencies. In most cases we need to write a thank you letter to the donor of the item. If you are also looking for such letters then we have some samples for you to use. 

How to write a good thank you letter for relief goods-

  • Start a letter with ‘thank you’
  • Tell them how their goods are helpful to them
  • Give more contact information
  • Let them know who the goods will be distributed to

Thank you for Relief Goods Letter & Email Templates

Thank you for helping red cross society

Dear sir,

I just want to express our sincere gratitude for your food donation to our American Red Cross Organisation. You helped hundreds of people who were starving due to floods in the area. This act of kindness will always be appreciated. There are a few people who came forward to help needy people. People like you are difficult to find who always show their care and support for others.

I am sure that you will always be blessed with all the happiness in this world. You should see the satisfaction on the faces of people when they get the food to eat. The children were crying all around to have something. As soon as they got the food, all their tears were wiped away. 

I have no words to tell you how helpful you have been for us for the past few days. You have resolved a big problem for us. I hope we will find more people like you. Thank you once again! You can contact on 555555555



Thank you for proving food 

Dear sir, 

Thank you for your generous gift to ‘ABC Aid’. We are thrilled to have your support. Your donation is helping us to accomplish our goal of providing food grains to the needy people. In this pandemic situation, we have successfully reached 1 lakh people for providing them food. We really feel proud that we have a group of people like you.

I am sure that the efforts of people like you will help this world to recover one day. You have earned the blessings of a million people around the world. People like you are difficult to find. Me and my entire team thanks you once again. Please let us know if we can help you in any way someday. We will be grateful if we get an opportunity to do something for you. 

Your act will always be remembered and appreciated by us. Thanking you once again. May God bless you in all the ways. Have a life full of joy and happiness.



Thank you for providing purified water

Dear sir,

Thank You so much for your generosity. We are highly grateful for your act. Just because of you we have been able to provide an adequate amount of purified water for the families suffered by the drought this year. The smile on those faces can not be replaceable. In today’s world, it is really difficult to meet people like you.

The kindness of individuals like you always motivates us to do more and more good things for them which makes their lives more happening. 

If you want to know how your financial aid is being used as a whole then you can contact me anytime without any hesitation. My contact number is 5555555555 or you can also email me at [email protected] . You are always welcome for a cup of tea with us and can see our kids anytime. We are sure that their happiness can make your day. Thanking you once again!

Have a wonderful day.



Thank you for providing relief good for animals

Dear XYZ, 

Our Pet and Animal Welfare Organisation are so delighted to get your donation in this pandemic situation. At this time not only humans but animals also need donations to survive out of this situation. This amount helps us in a great way. Through your donation, we are able to conduct a vaccination camp for all the animals. We are extremely happy to tell you that we have got enough to provide them food, shelter, and vaccination. Now they are safe and happy. Your donation means a lot to us. 

We will be obliged if you visit someday and see how you saved the lives of god gifted living creatures. They will surely help you to boost your energy level. If you have any queries then you can contact us on 555555555. Thank you once again.

Have a lovely day!



Thank you for the goods provided in treatment of cancer

Dear Mr. ABC,

I want to thank you from the core of my heart for making such a big contribution to the treatment of cancer of a child. You are meant to be a god for his parents. They are extremely grateful to you as they have lost everything in the flood as you supported them for their child’s treatment. Their happiness is reflected in their tears.

They desperately want to meet you once and want to thank you in person. We will be thankful if you take some time from your busy schedule and fix a meeting with them. The child is fine now and will be happy to see you.

People like you are always remembered. We are blessed that we are in touch with you. Your effort is appreciable. Thank You once again for your generosity.

Have a nice day!



Thank you letter/email for providing clothes

Dear sir,

Thank You so much for your generosity. We are highly grateful for your act. Just because of you we have been able to provide proper clothing to the women in this pandemic situation. We can feel the satisfaction on their faces.

We want to thank you once again as you have saved many lives from other mishappenings (like rape). We have got many clothes in good condition which are helpful to cover their bodies. I hope that we manage to provide them normal lives very soon. Thank you once again. For more information, you can contact 555555555



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