Thank you to Editor: 6 Letter and Email Templates

Thank you Thank you to Editor: 6 Letter and Email Templates

Thank you to Editor: 6 Letter and Email Templates

The editors play a very major role in the building of a society and hence as and when you feel that the role of editor has brought a change in the society and has helped eradicate a social evil so you must thank them for bringing the change in our lives and because they are fearless, they make a society which is fearless and expresses an opinion.

How to write a good thank you letter or email to the editor-

  • Make sure you address the change they helped bring 
  • Mention how proud are you of them for writing fearlessly 
  • You can thank them for helping society grow 
  • Add that how they inspire you 

Thank you to Editor Letter and Email Templates

Thank the editor for writing the issue you write them about

Hello Sir,

This morning is really a good one because I just read your article on the case of missing children and I am really grateful that you decided to go deep on this matter and bring it to in light of the public. I was an activist who has been trying to aware people of the safety of kids in the city and how more than 10kids have been kidnapped with no case registered. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that through the columns of your newspaper you have finally got the attention of the citizens and the authority towards this unwanted situation. 


Thank you for writing about the achievements of the common man 

Hello Sir/Mam,

We the people of Southhall want to thank you for writing about the people of our locality. FOr years and years we have been wanting validations from the countrymen about our achievements and have failed but now today when we read how you have written about the young scientist who discovered a new comet, it makes us feel proud that yes someone is looking at our discoveries and we will get a stage to show our talents. 

Though this is just one such achievement, with recognition coming in our way we will make sure that we build a good image and people see what we can contribute to nation-building. Thank you so much for recognizing the efforts of the immigrants. We pay huge respect to you.


Thank you for writing about rising corruption in the administration

Hello, “Full Name”,

While we slowly were losing our faith in the journalism that no one has the back to stand against the powerful men of the society, you with your fearless writing have brought back our trust and I can’t tell you how much do we admire you for having written on a topic which people fear and of course with your one article, people are going to be aware that this malpractice of corruption will not go unnoticed and hence people shouldn’t exploit the power which they have got. 

I really thankful for you that you recorded our statements and have written with proof so that the investigation can begin and not again someone will get away without any punishments, Editors like you make us believe in the voice of the public and we will keep reading your articles. 

Thank you so much 


Thank the editor for writing about the school function

Hello Sir/mam,

We are really grateful that our school got a mention in your esteemed newspaper as this will bring us the publicity that we are looking for. We have extremely talented students in the school but at times due to being a small organization we fail to provide them with the stage and recognition which they deserve and this does sometimes demotivates them. 

But your newspaper has come as an angel and our children have got the due recognition for the kind of art and culture they showcased last evening on the very prestigious occasion of the 50th anniversary of our school. I would like to thank you for being generous to have written about us and would request you to visit our school on future and do a survey of the kids that we have. 


Thank the editor for writing about the issues of farmers

Respected Sir/Mam,

It is great that we have finally got the attention we have trying to get from the irrigation department. You being the chief editor of this very prestigious newspaper took upon the responsibility to publish a story that is about the community which is facing consequences of less rain and hence not been able to pay bills and plan for the next whole year. 

Time and again teh request for a separate canal have arisen in teh states as abnormal rain has now become a routine due to global warming and it is impacting agriculture and farmers the most. This was third year in teh decade that we have faced this situation but our requests are not being heard by teh senators and hence your newspaper being a daily read for most of the nation will draw light on this issue. 

Thank you for helping us. 


Thank you for writing about mental health 

Hello Sir,

It is such a great morning that I read such an informative article written by you in the telegraph today on burning issues that we are facing in the states. Every year uncountable people are falling mentally ill but stool people arent really aware of the hows, what and whys of this illness. Most of the time it goes unnoticed without any treatment, causing lifelong scars, and hence this article was one in high demand. 

I being a practicing psychologist is glad that even journalism is going the direction of spreading awareness in people about something which can affect anyone and hence I would be glad if I could help you in any manner.

Your newspaper has been doing great work and especially your research behind this article is really commendable, I am looking for more articles on the health issues people face but dont talk because of teh stigma attached to it. 


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