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Thank you to Brand Ambassador: 6 letters and emails Templates

Brand ambassadors are the face of our product and most of the people identify the product with the fact that you attach to it so if you think there is awareness related to your product you must thank your brand ambassador for it. A brand ambassador add a personal touch to your brand and the product and they are the one who adds that personal touch. 

How to write a good letter to thank the brand ambassador-

  • Tell them how your product has a personal touch because of the ambassador
  • Thank them for suggesting the product to the public 
  • Mention how people have reacted to the product 
  • You can mention how with their help, the fan following of product have increased 

Thank you to Brand Ambassador letters and emails Templates

Thank you letter for suggesting the product 

Hello Mam,

We hope that you are doing good and also that you are in good health and mind. Its been 2 years of our relationship and we must say that a lot has changed over these two years. With you onboard we successfully could target a specific population of the college-going girls who connect to you and mostly are your fans and followers. 

Our quarterly data just came out and we are pleasantly surprised that the product is being loved by the girls a lot and they have been buying it regularly. We want to thank you for being such a support for our brand and since the time you have joined our market image has improved quite a lot and sour marketing campaigns have been giving us good results. 

Thank you so much for being the face of the product.


Thank you for using our product in your upcoming movie 

Hello Sir/Mam,

It is such a great moment for us that our product has reacher to each and every part fo the world and we still are getting uncontrolled demand from the retailers as people are very positively influenced by the new movie in which you have used our product and with that one move of yours, our sales have gone up significantly. 

We feel that one good decision that we took was getting you onboard because your new face and market value has helped us improve our worth and have also added the freshness of your face to our product. Thought the screen time of the product wasn’t much longer but the people who are your fans have captured that in their minds and have been rushing to stores to order the product. 

We thank you for doing this as a very active brand ambassador of our product. 


Thank you for mentioning our product in your recent interview 

Hello Sir/Mam,

We just watched your latest interview on the late-night show and realized what is that which suddenly has boosted our sales and the numbers have gone up. The way you have described the product and the words you used for the comfort that the product provides you have impressed a lot of people have they have been rushing to stores throughout the weekend for buying the product. We are glad that you have taken such active role in helping us sell more product and reach to different sections of the society,

This was a very planned move but the impact of it has certainly blown us away and hence we are sending a small token of love for you for being an active member of the family and looking forward to meet you for our next photoshoot of you and product. 


Thank you for being with us for such a long time 

Hello Sir/Mam,

Its been over 5 years that now we have a market presence over the North and south America. There were many times when our product sales were going down but with the very fresh face of yours and your continuous efforts of branding our product has made our stay in the competition and stay relevant. 

Your long association with us is the sign of a healthy relationship that we share and we would like to invite you to our philanthropic event where we will be doing something for the underprivileged kids and we would love you to be the chief guest of the vent. Thank you so much for being our brand ambassador. 


Thank you for reaching out to our customers 

Hello Sir/Mam,

We are really glad that we have a brand ambassador as active as you because of the way you took efforts to clear the doubts of the users, we have received very positive reviews from the users and all of them mentioned that they are using it because you cleared their doubts and now they think that they will be using the product as you helped them gain trust. 

We realize that you are very busy but the efforts that you have taken in reaching out to the user base and have interacted has increased our credibility in the market and we would like to pay back to you and renew our contract with you so that we keep growing with you. 


Thank the brand ambassador for attending the product launch 

Hello Sir/Mam,

We are really glad that you could take time and attend the product launch and with your presence, we got an even better response and feel that your presence added to our value because of course your followers will jow be more aware of the new product. 

Though we weren’t very sure how will be the product accepted in the market but the first-month data has surprised us and we would like to give you the credit for it because a lot of pf people have bought it and have given reviews that they use it because you recommended it and have been satisfied with teh product.


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