Positive Drug Test Termination Letter: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Termination Letter for Positive Drug Test




[Company name]



Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am the HR manager of [mention company name] writing to notify you that we are terminating you from your position at [mention Company name] immediately. We have got a complaint letter against you regarding substance abuse.

On [mention date], you were witnessed by two other employees of our company drinking alcohol in the parking lot on company property. Your subsequent behavior around heavy equipment, including ignoring direct orders and driving at unsafe speeds, violated the company policies. According to the company norms, which you signed and agreed to upon your joining at [mention company name], all employees who are being suspected under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace are required to go for a drug test.

As you refused to sign the drug test consent form, we are treating that refusal as a positive test result from our side. This behavior and habit will be not accepted by the company. So, in order to this we have decided to terminate you from [mention company name].

Please remove any personal belongings and leave all the office belongings at your desk before leaving.

Do meet me in person before leaving at my desk.


[Sender Name]

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