Termination Letter Samples – 4 Template Formats

Termination Termination Letter Samples - 4 Template Formats

Termination Letter Samples – 4 Template Formats

There are situations when you need to write a termination letter, the reason behind the same might be unlawful activities, misconduct in office, data breach, etc. These letters usually are 

Very straight forward with a message of termination and till when the person would be served, also the reason for the termination is mentioned in it. As it is going to hurt the person reading the mail so make sure that you add a few words of kindness and wish them the best of luck for the future. If you are ever in a situation where you have to type a letter but no clue how to start with it so then go through the samples below.

Here are Best Termination letters Samples

Termination letter Sample 1

Hello John,

This is to inform you that you are terminated from the role of Senior developer with immediate effect.

It is a matter of concern for us that even after repeatedly warning you about repeated searches on various illegal websites you have not refrained from using them and hence have to take this very serious step in order to maintain the reputation of the company and also to avoid any legal reports to be registered against the organization.

You have worked really hard in the first two quarters of the year but due to the last one month and repetitive warnings we have taken this decision and we hope that in your new journey somewhere else you will abide by the law of the company.

As per the company policy, as the termination is with immediate effect we would be paying you for the next two months but you will be out of the employee records from today onwards. Kindly reach out to the hR for more clarifications about the salary, PF and taxes. 


Product Manager 


Termination letter Sample 2

Hello Rob,

This is to inform you that you are being terminated from the organization on date 12/12/2019.

This decision has been taken by the higher management of the company as you were hired for a project which was due to start last month but as the client had postponed it for an indefinite period we are not sure if we have any openings for your role.

I know that this is a very unfortunate situation and hence we will be paying you for the probation period which is till march. Kindly don’t take this decision personally like this kind of decision are just taken to manage the balance of employee and projects in a company.

We have full trust in your capabilities and we believe that you will get a better role which will give you the platform to prove your worth. We are really sorry for this abrupt ending but we would definitely wish that our paths cross in the future and we get to work with someone so enthusiastic as you.

Kindly reach out to your manager and the human resources team for the exit process and you can leave for the day as soon as all the formalities are done. Wishing you all the best and do let us if you need any help we can provide you with a reference letter from our side.


Manager – Human Resources 


Termination letter Sample 3

Hello Tim,

I would like to take a moment of yours to inform you that you are terminated from the organization with immediate effect.

Your misconduct has come in our notice for quite some time and your manager also had a word with your last week about this. We are really disappointed to see the change in your attitude and how it has disturbed the whole team. As far as I know, you were given warnings twice in the last week about not to hurt someone’s religious beliefs inside the workplace as we believe in equality but you have broken the rule multiple times.

This decision has been taken by the management as misconduct cannot be accepted in the work premises. We would also request you to kindly apologize to the people you have hurt so that we can give you your experience certificate and no objection certificate. We believe that you need to work on your social behavior so that it doesn’t affect your work ethics.

We wish you all the best for the future and also expect to see you as a changed person. Keep working keep growing.



Termination letter Sample 4

Hello Samantha,

We regret to inform you that you are terminated from the position of content creator due to the allegations of the data breach.

As the inquiry of the committee is over and you are found guilty of sharing the very sensitive data and documents of the company to someone outside the premises, we have to take this very strict step against you. Initially, this came as a shock to us because you have been an integral part of the team for the last four years and we never expected something like this from you.

It has come in our notice that the data was shared with multiple people outside and hence it is the order of the company that you stop the process of sharing it and posting online as soon as possible. We would not want any of such data available online to the world which can harm the reputation of the company.

We also would like to tell you that you won’t be getting the salary for this month as you are liable to pay a fine of $500 this month and it will be adjusted in your salary. Kindly get in touch with the human resources team to complete your exit policy and make sure that something like this doesn’t repeat as according to the agreement you signed with us you can not get employed in a similar business and if that happens we are liable to take legal actions against you.

We wish you all the best for the future and always read the agreement before you sign it for you and the company’s both benefit.


Vice president


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