Budget Manager Termination Letter Template


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Subject: Termination letter for employment

Dear (insert or write the name of the recipient),

Your employment with [insert or write company name] as Budget Manager has been terminated. Under your notice period, we request you to commence the termination process and vacate your desk when the notice period expires.

Despite our spoken and written warnings, you have consistently performed poorly over the past three months. You have failed to meet the expectation of the company and have not shown us any signs of your improvement.

Your teammates also reported to us about your terrible behavior and improper conduct at work. Although you warned repeatedly, you haven’t changed your ways of doing things. Therefore, we have taken the decision to terminate your employment.

The company had already informed you that if your performance did not reach the minimum performance requirements set by the company, your job with the company would end on the last day of the notice period issued with the final written warning.

If you own any corporate property, please return it. Failure to do so or a delay in doing so will cause your last paycheck to delay. Please adhere to our data protection policy discussed at the beginning of your employment.

Severance compensation with paid leaves that have not been used will be mailed to your home address. [Insert or write the name of HR executive] will review the final details with you, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. To negotiate your termination process and final package, please contact him/her at the earliest.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


[Insert or write your name]

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