Bursar Termination Letter Template

(Insert or write the full name of the sender)

(Insert or write the job title of the sender)

(Insert or write the full name of the institution)

(Insert or write the relevant date)


(Insert or write the full name of the recipient)

(Insert or write the job title of the recipient)

Subject – Termination of employment

Dear (insert or write the full name of the recipient),

This letter has been written to inform you that your employment with the institution stands terminated with effect from (insert or write the relevant date) and you are expected complete all the formalities within the said time period.

The reason for your termination is the complete mishandling of the taxpayers money that had been given to the institution for the betterment of the quality of education for the students.

Your gross misconduct and unethical behavior has led to the immense loss of goodwill that the institution had created over the years with its dedication and determination to creating future leaders of tomorrow.

Thus, the institution does not intend to further be associated with an employee without an understanding of proper and appropriate professional conduct, which is necessary for working in a reputed and respectable institution of any type.

All the necessary details regarding the termination procedure have been forwarded to your email and you are required to reply as early as possible. Any disturbance caused as a result of the delay in responding to the said email will not be the responsibility of the institution.

Further, it goes without saying that as per the terms of your contract you are required to not share or reveal any sensitive information to any other entity under any circumstance. Failure with the same will result in legal action being taken against you.

I will be at your disposal for (insert or write the relevant number of days) working days, from the last date of your employment.

Best of luck in your career,

(Insert or write the full name of the sender)

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