Absenteeism Due to Termination Letter: 4 Templates

As an authorized member of any company or organization sometimes you have to write a letter to terminate someone from his or her position for the reason of absenteeism. Now it’s important to discuss all the points so that the employee can’t have confusion.

Here we have provided some sample letters regarding that topic so that you can easily handle this situation. Now while writing you must have to mention his name, position, and the reason for such step of termination.

Template: 1

Termination Letter Due to Absenteeism




[Company name]


Subject: Termination Due to Absenteeism

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I hereby inform you that you have been terminated from your current position as [mention designation] at [mention company name]. I have got a lot of complaints from your manager and from your team leader about your absenteeism.

You have taken a lot of unnecessary leaves without any proper reason.

Being absent in a critical situation and not submitting your work on time, you have repeated this many times. You have got a warning letter many times still you are in the same habit.

Excessive absents without any proper reason are not acceptable at [mention company name]. This is against the rules and regulations of the company. After proper discussion of all the members of the team, we have decided to terminate your current position. 

I have enclosed all the necessary documents for your termination. Check the attachment for your reference and meet me after getting this letter at my office.

If you have any further queries you can reach us at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address]. 


[Sender Name]

termination letter due to absenteeism

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