Absenteeism Termination Letter: 2 Templates

The below letters is about the letter of termination for absenteeism. Here we have already covered various topics of termination letters now we are choosing this topic on your demand. Now to complete your letter with a proper format you can easily follow our below sample’s which we have discussed here.

While writing this letter you must have to write the name of the person, the date for termination, and some valid logic for this reason of termination.

Template: 1

[ Insert the Receiver’s Name]

[ Insert the Receiver’s Address]

———- [ Address Line1] ———–

———- [ Address Line 2] ————

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. [ Insert the name of whomsoever it is concerned to]

SUB: [ Insert the subject concerned to the letter]

Greetings of the day!

Honesty, and commitment, as a value, have been a constant tour de force of the organization and have been an asset to this organization from the onset. We have always catered to our clients with this same approach and as an organization, we require our employees to continue in the same vision that we keep.

We have seen quite a several times that you have not been adhering to the policy of this company and we feel apologetic, and are very sad to inform you that your employment has been terminated by the company due to habitual absenteeism even after bringing this to your notice many times in the past.

You have been given many memos, despite which, you kept continuing with the same and did not obey the company’s practice. This has enforced us to give out this termination letter to you.  We voluntarily ask you to depart the company by the [insert the tenure period of the said termination in DD- MM- YYYY], and your full and final dues will be settled when you leave.

We hope that you can solve the matters at hand and move to greater heights. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you very much!

Cordial Regards,

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

[ Insert the designation at the organization], [ Insert the name of the organization]

[ insert the necessary contact details]

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