Teacher Job Offer Letter: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Teacher Job Offer Letter


(Mention the name of the sender)

(Mention the address of the sender)


(Mention the name of the recipient)

(Mention the address of the recipient)


Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Sub: Job offer letter for the position of teacher.

We are pleased to offer you the post of a teacher in our (mention the name of the school or institution) which is at (mention the location of the school or institute). after going through your CV, we feel that you will be a perfect match for this job role. 

We are impressed with your academic background and your behavior, which makes you a perfect teacher. In (mention the name of the school or institute) you will be paid (mention the total amount of monthly salary) as your monthly salary. There will e a training period for (mention the total period of training). 

As a teacher, your responsibilities will be to present lessons comprehensively and to use visual or audio means to facilitate learning. Providing individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning. Creating and distributing educational content.

Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback in a tidy and orderly classroom. You will be collaborating with other teachers, stakeholders, parents, and participating in meetings. Planning and executing educational in-class in-classroom activities and events.

Observing and understanding students’ behavior and psyche and report suspicions of neglect, abuse, and so on. developing and enriching professional skills and knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, and so on. 

Moreover, as per the company’s requirements, you should have experience as a teacher for the period of at least (mention the period of experience should be). You should have excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.

You should be well organized and committed, also, should have strong moral values and discipline. Creative and energetic. Should know CPR. Please confirm your acceptance of this job offer.

Your acceptance will be confirmed after you sign and return this letter to us. note that the last date of confirmation is on (mention the last date of confirmation).

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Yours sincerely, 

(Mention the name of the sender)

(Handwritten signature of the sender)

(Mention the date)

(Mention the designation of the company)

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