Sympathy Letter to Friend – 5 Sample Template

Friends are the family that we chose and they are the ones who stand by us in all kinds of situations. So when you come across a situation when your friend is facing any turmoil in their life no matter personal or professional reach out to them and stand by them in this moment of difficulty.

This will help them recover fast and they will know that they are not alone. Your support will boost their morale and it will heal their pain and they will be able to get back to normal life sooner.

Sympathy Letter to Friend

Sympathy Letter to Friend

Dear henry

How are you? I am very good and I wish that you and your family are fine. It was very sad to hear about the death of M.R Shawn. I was shocked when I heard that he is no more with us. I can feel your pain because he was also like my father.

He was a very nice person. He took care of every person whether the person belonged to his family or not. I haven’t seen a fun-loving guy like him in my life. He lived every second of his life with a smile on his face.

I remember when you invited me to your house for the first time, I was very nervous but your father treated me like I was his own son and I was meeting him for the first time but it felt like I knew him for a very long time.

But what can we do, no can deny God’s call. I hope that he is fine wherever he is. I am taking leave from my office and I will surely come to your house as soon as possible and help in the preparations for the funeral of M.R Shawn. Everything will be fine with time.

With sympathies 



Sympathy Letter to Friend


How are you? I am doing fine here and I hope that you and your parents are also fine. I heard about the problem you have got in from your mother she said that you have met an accident and you are admitted to the local hospital.

I know the pain you are in because I also broke my leg while I was riding a cycle and a car hit me.

I remember that you have got many cuts and bruises on your body and you didn’t even cry once and when someone asked about how you felt you always said that you are fine and you don’t feel pain with a smile on your face.

I believe will do that you will do it this time also and you will face your problem this time again.

I know that your parents are on a tour and they can’t come because they are not able to get tickets for coming back that is why I am coming to the hospital as soon as possible so that I can take your care. 

With sympathies



Sympathy Letter to Friend

Dear Michael

How are you? I am good and I am living in texas nowadays. I hope that you are also doing fine in your life. I talked to your mother and she told me that you have lost your job and your financial condition is not very good.

I know you since our childhood and I know that you always face your problems bravely but your mother told me that this time you are very sad. life is filled with problems and you have to face those problems You are a very brave man and I believe that you will do great in life.

Do you remember there was a boy in our class who always bullied me and anyone in class didn’t support me but at last you were the only one who supported me in that problem by standing against him?.  As a 

good friend now it’s my turn to help in your difficult time. I have recommended you for the sales manager post in my office and I am sure that they will like your biodata. Take care and give my regards to Aunt Helena.

With support



Sympathy Letter to Friend

Dear Danny

How are you doing? I totally saddened when I to know about the robbery of your car. The robbery of your car totally shook me. I don’t know why people do these kinds of actions. 

Since our childhood you cared for every gift and the car was also a gift when you turned 20 and after the death of your parents it became more precious for you because it was the only thing by which you remembered them.

I remember the day when you got the car the first day, you were very happy and we both took a round of the whole city.

Sometimes we lose our most loved things in life but we can’t do anything but hope that one day we will find it. I pray to god that the police will find it and you will get it again.  

With sympathies



Sympathy Letter to Friend

Dear Leo

How are you? I am fine here. it was sad to hear that your house was damaged by the earthquake. When I saw the news on T.V that your town is struck by an earthquake and a huge amount of destruction and your house was in one of the main affected areas of the earthquake.

I know that your parents made that house with hard work and it would be painful to see that the house in which you have spent your childhood falling in a few seconds but it looking at the bright side I was happy to see that you were not present in the house

during the disaster. I pray to god that you will rebuild your house as soon as possible.

As good friends it is our responsibility to help each other in tough times. I offer you to stay at my house as long as you want. I will wait for your reply. take care.

With support


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