Sympathy Letter for Loss of Husband: 7 Samples

Losing a husband is one of the most tragic moments for a woman in her life because she loses a major part of her and he is the one she totally depends on. So when you know that someone lost her husband make sure you go and share the grief and stand by her in these moments of sadness.

How to write a sympathy letter for loss of husband-

  • Make sure it’s emotional
  • Dont say you know what she is going through
  • Make sure you assure her of your support 
  • Bless the soul which departed

If you are writing such a letter, make sure it’s very emotional and also that you will support her and the family in each and every phase of their life.

Sympathy Letter & email Samples for Loss of husband

Sample 1

Hello, “Full Name”,

It is really sad to know what happened with  “name of deceased”.  We have been friends school time and I knew how much he was filled with enthusiasm and positivity. It’s sad that it was such that his end was so untimely. 

I fee it was my luck that I had the privilege that I was a part of his life. He was my partner in crime, he was my source of inspiration and most importantly he was the one who made me realize the importance of society and since then we have worked together. We started from the church services and then we moved to work in an NGO.

I am not going to say that you will get over it because he was the most important part of your life. No one will ever be able to fill this void. Always remember that I and my family are forever going to be your side. May his soul rest in peace.



Sample 2

Dear “Name”,

Knowing that “name of deceased” is not amongst us anymore makes me feel the kind of grief that is beyond words and this makes me realize that your loss is irreparable but trust me this is all that God wants.

It is his body that has departed form world but his soul and love are going to be with us. You still have his nig part with you, your kids. You have to be strong and give them an upbringing which he will be proud of. The sadness will prevail but trust me we will fight with this very bravely. He was one of the kindest people we knew and I would do everything so that his soul rests in peace.

I want to assure you that I and my wife are always beside you and we will make sure you dont lack anything.

Take care, my dear, we will be soon there.



Sample 3

Dear “Full Name”,

No one right can feel what you are going through and hence I will not say that I know what you are going through. But trust me you are not in this alone. Knowing him was one of the best things of my life. He was a true friend and of course an excellent husband.

We all should just pray for the departed soul and do things that he wanted to do so that he can rest in peace and see that his family is doing good because in the end that’s what he wanted and he was working for. I am writing this letter to you because I want to give you the assurance that even after he has left, his friend will remain because that’s the least we can do.

You can message or call me anytime and I will try to reach “City name” next week anyhow so that I stay with you in these tough moments. May God rest his soul. 



Sample 4

Dear “Full Name”,

The news has come as a shock to me and all our friends because your husband was the star of our group and it’s him because of whom this group is still there. I would never be able to say that we feel what you are going through but yes we know that a person like him is someone whose void cannot be filled by anyone else.

We have numerous memories from our college and the trip before your marriage was indeed the one we had dreamt of all our lives. He has talked extensively about you when we last met and none of the new that the next time when we meet, he only won’t be there. Your loss is beyond words and people, you lost the gem of your life but I must tell you he has worked a lot and even in his absence you


Sample 5

Hello “Full name”

I know you are going through an emotional turmoil because of husband isnt somebody, its the one whom you have promised to a living a life together. I know that you might be feeling clueless and exhausted because now the future doesn’t look how you planned it. Things are arent going the way you always thought and trust me no one would feel what you are going through.

I’m writing this letter to convey my condolences for your loss and also that whenever you want to give your life a new start, you can reach out to me or my wife, we will do whatever is in our limits. Though we cannot fulfill your loss we will make sure that you start doing things from where your husband left.



Sample 6

Hello “full name”

I know life is unfair at times and by such untimely loss of your husband god has proven that it calls good people first. He was such a kind man that who so ever knows him will know that this is is a huge loss for the society. Your husband was known for his philanthropy and the compassion he showed towards the underprivileged.

I know that you won’t ever be financially dependent on anyone but in this moment I want to extend my emotional support to you. I wish god gives you strength to overcome this grief and your life again starts with new hopes and aspirations. You have lost you husband and I know this void is huge , but please take care. May god rest his soul in peace.



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