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48+ Best Sympathy Card Messages For Loss Of Parent

When a person loses a loved one, it is one of the most difficult times for them. If the loss is of a mother or father then it is one that cannot be mourned enough for. Such a loss marks one of the toughest times in a person’s life and you as a friend or acquaintance need to be beside him/her.

A proper note on condolence is essential to convey your deepest regret on the loss. In this article, we bring you some of the best condolence messages that you can send for the loss of a father or mother.

Here are Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of parent

  • A loved ones passing away is never an easy moment for anyone. Always remember, I’m just a phone call away for any of your needs. Be strong my dear friend.
  • My condolences are with you and your family in this hard time. I hope you will regain lost ground soon and move ahead in life with the eternal blessings of your late father/mother.
  • It is never easy to accept such a big loss but life has to move on. Take care of yourself and the family. They need your strength.
  • In such a hard time, when you have lost the love of your mother, the world stands by you and the family. Put your heads up and make your mother proud of you.
  • Your tears will heal the soul, do not stop them. Compose yourself and I’m constant beside you in this period of emotional distraught.
  • Your father was a great soul, I’m shocked and saddened at his demise. You are not alone in this; a kind friend is always beside you. Stay strong and remain composed to support your family in this period of emotional lows.
  • Let the love of your close ones lift you up in this time of grief. I offer my deepest condolences to you for such a loss.
  •  Your mother’s/father’s memories will be forever with you. As he/she rests in peace, may you get back to normal life and rise from this sorrow state soon.
  • Your father/mother was a great personality and loss of his/her life meant a greater loss to all of us. I hope you recover emotionally and come up strong to support the family. You will find me beside you always.
  • Time is the biggest healer. Such a loss can only be healed as time passes by, till then our endless love and support are always with you my dear.

Your mom always kept saying how matured a person you have become. Now when she is up there in heavens, I hope you act mature and make her proud of yourself.

– My heart aches as I send this wish to you. I don’t have any words which can lessen the grief, I offer my unending love and support to you in this time hence.

– With your mother’s/father’s demise, another great soul bids adieu to us. You will continue his greatness and fulfil his dreams. I offer my deepest condolences and support to you.

– I always saw how close you were to your father/mother. Now that he/she is gone, I hope you recollect the broken pieces of heart and stay strong enough to hold your family tight.

– Life isn’t fair always and this moment of your dad’s demise is one such when it is more realised. He was one of the best persons I ever came across. I extend my sympathies and condolences towards you and your family.

– Now as you have lost your mother/father, their dreams and hopes on you will live. I wish you all the best to live their dreams and come good on all the hopes they had with you.

– Remember the good times you had with him/her and cherish those memories rather than mourning. It will sooth your heart and help you recover from the emotional trauma.

 – Your soul needs comforting peace and love from those who are close to you. Remain strong in this time and you will always find me right beside you.

– I’m really sorry for your loss. Your father/mother is watching you from heavens and won’t want to see you suffering. Rise up and be strong to make his/her afterlife happier

While we all know that no words can compensate on the loss that has been incurred with the death of father o mother, yet we should offer condolences to showcase our emotional support. A man is most emotionally disturbed in such times and it is the duty of a close one to make sure that they are showered with all the love and support.

The wishes that have been provided in this blog will make sure that the person feels better and moves ahead in life with some motivation. Intent and love are the foremost things that are to be reflected in the wishes, your friend needs your kind words. Be there for him/her in this dire stage of life!     

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