Student Endorsement Letter Template

If you wish to endorse a very bright student of your institution for a scholarship or a seat at an educational establishment that offers higher studies then, as Principal, you should write a formal Letter of Endorsement to the concerned party.

In this, you shall mention the name, qualifications, and any other attributes of the student that you may think to make him suitable for the said opportunity. You should ideally write the letter in a very formal tone. Happy writing to you!!

Template: 1

Student Endorsement Letter

(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)


(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Letter of Endorsement for Student

Dear (mention the name of the recipient),

 We are writing this letter to let you know about an endorsement of the very good student of our institution (mention name and details). We are happy to say that Mr (mention name and details) was a very studious and well-educated student of our organization. He proved himself to be a very good student for our department of (mention details).

We are all proud to say that you are one of our reliable and long-time friends for the past (mention details) years. Therefore we would like to endorse him as a very good student for your organization.

We hope for your affirmative response regarding this matter. We are submitting the details of the previously mentioned student of our organization for your better understanding. You can also send your signed consent at our institution’s website. We will be waiting for your positive answer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help and support like the past years,

With regards,


(Hand-written Signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

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