A Speech on Kindness

Good morning and a warm welcome to one and all present here. I will be talking today about kindness which is very much required for the current generation who have in most times tend to lose their patience and be unkind. Why do we think the act of Kindness is important? Let me share a famous saying quoted by Mark Twain “Kindness is the language the deaf hear and the blind can see”. Is it not a beautiful quote with a deep meaning. Kindness is nothing but helping someone without expecting anything in return is the act of kindness. It is an act of humanity which is present in each and everyone but only some fail to exhibit it.

It was passed down by my ancestors to be kind and be helpful to each and everyone around us.It is also one common thing that lays as a base for every religion. Being kind towards each other can show our personality. The different acts of kindness that we can embrace in our day to day life can be from starting respecting our elders and helping them when they are in need. Many times  we will come across elderly who carry heavy things all alone without anyone to help them, if we step forward and help them carry their things for them until their destination is also an act of kindness, it will not only make them happy but also gives us immense satisfaction and joy.

In our everyday routine, one comes across many people with different attitudes, not all are patient and helpful, but as part of our duty it is important to be kind and grateful to others as we don’t know what others are facing. There can be someone who has had a fight at home, or few may have lost their loved ones , and also there can be few who are facing terminal issues. It is not [possible to be involved in each of their lives and help them overcome their problems, but something possible is a simple smile and the words “Have a great day!” can actually help someone having a very bad day to gain back confidence and start the day fresh again.

Surprisingly Kindness can be contagious as it can help motivate us to be kind and helpful to others around them. If one is kind to someone without expecting help in return, they will surely be helped in times of need and they say it is a cycle that what  you give without any expectation comes back to you.If only the world becomes selfish there will be no peace and harmony . 

Kindness is not something which comes by asking, but by one’s decision to be so. It has become more important to be kinder to each other especially in the world where the competition is increasing rapidly, where everyone is in a rush to win first place and run ahead of others.Let us be kind and teach this to the younger ones and help build a positive community

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