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A Speech on Human Rights

Hello and good morning to everyone. Thanks for attending this program where I feel very delighted to have this chance to discuss with you about the topic of Human Rights.

What are Human Rights?

We can say that Human Rights are a set of rights which every human being are entitled to. Every human of each and every cast, creed gender and financial status can have these rights in their life. It always helps us to remember that all human beings should be treated equally. It helps in safeguarding the interests of the citizens of any country. Human rights give the humans a good life full of happiness and peace.

Human rights ensure the basic needs of the human beings of any country such as food, housing and education so can make their life more beautiful for them.

Human rights protect the life, freedom, equality and security of any citizen of a country. Everyone is qualified to obtain these rights to live a life full of satisfaction and happiness.

The categories of human rights:

Human rights can be divided into two main categories like civil rights and social rights. This division helps in clarifying the main concept of human rights. They also make the humans realize their roles in different areas of life. In civil rights, we prefer to the basic rights of humans. These rights can affect any person’s independence. These rights also involve the government of the country. 

Next is about the social rights of people, which help in improving the lifestyle of the citizens. Human rights help every country to ensure the proper piece and mental health of every citizen. 

Importance of Human rights 

These are very important for the overall growth of a country and its citizen. Some of those rights can be depicted as the right to religion freedom of movement and right to life. Each right place a great role in the healthy lifestyle of any human being.

Right to life protects the life of any individual by giving them the surety that no one can kill them, thus protecting the peace of mind of the citizen.

Right to religion ensures that you can follow any religion as you wish. Thus helping in your free thinking.

Freedom of movement helps anyone in their free movement. No one can be prevented from traveling in any state as per their desire.

Every person also has the right to move to the court where they can get impartial decision. Humans are free from slavery, and they are free to express their opinion.


In a nutshell we can say that human rights are very important and highly required for a happy and healthy lifestyle of any human being. We also try our best to stop the violation of our rights to ensure our better future. The government and responsible citizens must take full effort to protect the rights as per their capability.

In this way we can make our world much better for our new generation in the future.

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