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A Speech on Environment

At first I want to thank all of you to give this opportunity to present my speech on the environment before you. Being the integral part of the environment, I have the responsibility to make it pure and this is the reason why I intend to speak about it in front of you.

At first we want to talk about what is environment? The environment is the collection of all the living beings as well as their suraroundings. It is the source of the life force of each and every living thing and all the non-living things including the chemical and biotic factors like air, wind, soil etc. help the living things to live and operate in this Earth.

It helps in the right and effective growth and development of each and every life force and living things. What type of life we are going to live is mainly depends on the condition of our environment. What type of food or breath or shelter we are going to have mainly depends on the condition of our Environment.

All the workings and habits of the human world greatly affect the environment and its ecosystem. Our never-ending demands of increasing the technologies and lifestyle also have a great effect on the environment. Some harmful activities of humankind causes great harm to the environment like global warming, production of harmful green-house gases, waste disposal and change in the overall climate.

In the last few decades the use of various motor vehicles has increased a lot. The emission of the harmful gases and dust particles causes great harm to the environment by increasing the ppm level in the air. Also the production of harmful smokes and poisonous gases of the various chemical factories have immensely increased the chances of polluting the air.

Man-made disaster like the practice of deforestation affects greatly the environment in an adverse way. The increase in the wood based industries like- paper, furniture results in the deforestation process for obtaining a great amount of wood. The industries increasing greatly harm the plants of a large area increasing the impending threat to the environment. This deforestation process harms greatly the Ozone layer resulting in the speedy progress of the frightening incident of global warming.

The climate crisis like global warming is becoming a threat not only for us but also for the other inhabitants of Earth like birds, animal, aquatic animals, trees, insects etc. The crisis of water is also increasing every day in the various places of Earth.

Our harvests will face great harm due to the flood and drought, which are the result of frequent climate changes like global warming.

All these causes in the major in the air, water or climate conditions of the environment causing great harm to our everyday life.

Another reason is also the never ending process in the increasing number of the human population.

Therefore we have to try our best to help our environment in remaining healthy and pollution free from each and every aspect for the secure and healthy lifestyle of our new generation and their unpolluted breath.

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