Sourcing developer candidates email- Sample Template

Subject: [Company name] is looking for developer 

Hi [mention name of the candidate],

I, [your name], [your job title] at [Company name]. I saw your profile on [Mention the source ] and I was really impressed by your project on [add specific achievement that caught your eye]. I also saw on your [e.g. Meetup or Twitter] profile that you regularly participate in [e.g. Game development and Mobile Technology] [meetings/events/seminars] [Coding events/Hackathon]. We want to work with people who are interested in expanding their knowledge and can bring new ideas for our company.

Our team member were really impressed by your performance at [Mention the source or project ] [mention specific achievement or comments from your engineering team]. Here, at [Company name], we are always looking to collaborate with talented people who have practical knowledge on new technologies and build great products together. Currently, we would like to grow our team with a [job title – add link to the job description] who will take on [add engineering project]. I would love to tell you a little more about this position and learn a few things about you, as well.

Are you available [Mention the date and time]. If so, I would be happy to set up a call. I am also happy to discuss the role via email  [Mention mail address], if you prefer.

Have a nice day.

[Your name]


Download Template :
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