65+ Best Ship Puns and Funny Quotes

Ships have contributed immensely when it comes to commerce and human migration. Ships have helped to spread the slave trade and colonization, and have also served our cultural, scientific, as well as humanitarian requirements. Here, we have mentioned some interesting ship puns which will definitely help to captivate you.

Ship Puns and Funny Quotes

  • For what reason does the Norway Navy come with barcodes on each of their ships?

Such that they will be *scandanavian* once they return to port.

  • I had been viewing a documentary yesterday regarding how the ships are being put together.

It had been absolutely fascinating.

  • What is a first aid on any pirate ship called?

Sea pee yarrrrrrrr!

_A couple of old men had been relaxing on a cruise ship’s deck and one of them asked the other person whether he has gone through Marx. 

The other man replied yes and he thinks that it is from sitting on the wicker chairs. 

_A rabbi, a lawyer, and a priest are on board a cruise ship which is sinking. 

The rabbi shouts to save the children, followed by the legal practitioner who tells that the kids ought to be fucked while the priest asks quietly whether they think they have got adequate time. 

_While a cruise ship was passing by a remote island, the passengers watched a bearded person who was running around wildly waving the arms. 

When one passenger asked the Captain regarding who the man was, the captain told that he did not have any idea although the man becomes crazy every year when they pass him.

_Do you have any idea regarding how to make a hat from any ship?

It ought to be flipped over, that way it is capsized.

_The best poems are not derived from the heart on a ship; they are derived from the head.

_How did NASA take the decision of maintaining the warmth of the ships on board?

Using space heaters.

_What was told by the sailor to the sea monster before it was able to destroy his ship?

What is Kraken?

_I just viewed a really fascinating documentary regarding ship construction.


_Ships resemble females in many ways and in many ways they’re not.

Although in case you procure a new ship it might be called “The Seaward”, if you obtain a new wife it will not be possible for you to call her the c word. 

_Obi Wan and Yoda happen to be within a space ship. 

While Obi Wan questions whether they are going to proper path, Yoda replies that obviously, they are. 

_What is the weight of a ship packed with bread?

A crew-ton.

_For what reason a small cruise ship is similar to a person struggling with premature ejaculation?

Because both require only a pair of tugs.

_What is a snail on a ship called?

A snailor.

_A pirate enters a pub with the steering wheel of a ship tied to the testicles.

While the bartender asked him whether he knew that a steering wheel was tied to his balls, the pirate replied that it was making him really crazy.

_In case Apple would have been a pirate ship, what would be worn by their sailors?

An iPatch.

_When a ship sunk with 200 Irish men on board, the newspaper claimed that 400 had been drowned a few days later.

This is because the remaining 200 drowned in the reenactment.   

 _Although my mother informed me that Jesus met his death on a Royal Caribbean ship my priest informed me that Jesus actually died on a cross. 

Is it a fact that the cruise has been a fiction?

_I watched a batch of magical insects escaping a flood within a small ship which was created by them.

Is it the legendary Coven-Ants Ark?

_A ship was drawn by me using only geometric shapes, and it took some time.

I wished all the things to be ship-shape. 

_What is consumed by a sea monster?

Fish as well as ships.

_In case all things such as ships and planes become lost in the Bermuda triangle, we would be throwing all the plastic and trash in there for saving our world.

_For what reason did my ship sink in a bottle?

The incorrect capsize was used by me.

_For what reason did the ship float away?

The anchor of the ship had been aweigh.

_What do you consume while you are on board a ship?

Boat meal.

_What is a ship loaded with polite soccer players called?

A fantastic sportsman ship.

_What are you going to call it when a batch of pooches is going to control a ship?

 A mutiny. 

_What are the captains of epileptic ships going to deal with?


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