55+ Best Shark Puns and Funny Quotes

Apart from being vicious hunters in the ocean, sharks are magnificent beings. They are loved as much as they are feared. Because of the many varieties of sharks swimming the seas of the world, making puns about them is not a difficult task. Most people enjoy wordplay on the names of sharks and are cracked up by clever puns.

Shark Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What did the shark say when he was in a dilemma? It said, “I am trapped between a shark place and a rock.”
  • How did the shark prepare his audience for an unexpected news? By saying, “This mako-me as a surprise.”
  • How did the whale compliment the talented shark? It said, “You have some-fin special in you.”

_Cool Sharks are undoubtedly jawsome!

Shark Puns

_What do you say to a shark while laying down different options for it to select from? You say, “Chews wisely.”

_How did you come to know about the recent shark attack in the sea? A lot of splash was made by it in the news.

_ “Fin-tastic” is the ideal way of complimenting a shark. 

_Why did the mother shark scold her son? Because it was getting too sharky.

_Which shark is a champion in baseball? Shark McGwire.

_Which was the favourite extra-curricular activity of the shark in school? De-bait.

_What do you tell a shark when you want it to pay attention? You say, “Shark my words.”

_How did the angry shark ask for his meal? He said, “Where is my bloody lunch?”

_Which story from the Bible does a shark like he most? Noah’s Shark.

_Who did all the fish in the sea owe money? The loan shark.

_Which show does the shark like the most? Shark Trek.

_Which shark has a gambling problem? The card shark.

_Why does a hammerhead shark always do well in his exams? He nails it every time.

_Which is the favourite movie of the shark? Shaw-shark Redemption.

Shark Puns

_What does a shark do in his free time? He does anything into which he is able to sink in his teeth.

_What did the shark turn into when it got famous? A starfish.

_What did the judge declare the shark after it was tried in court? Not gill-ty.

_What does a shark have every time it visits a McDonalds? He had a quarter flounder.

_Which country was the shark from originally? Fin-land.

_How do sharks greet other fish in the ocean? They say, “Nice to eat you.”

_What happened to the shark who swallowed many keys? It got a lock jaw.

_Which is the favourite drink of a yuppie shark? Jaw-va.

_What does a shark like as spread on its bread? Jellyfish.

_Which is the favourite candy of a shark? Jaw Breakers.

_Which shark goes on singing the song, “You can’t touch this”? M C Hammerhead.

_What did a Great White say to a whale? Stop blubbering about the same thing.

_What would you call a cross between a snowman and a Great White Shark? A Frost-bite.

_What kind of shark is in great demand among carpenters? Hammerheads.

_Which film by Tim Burton is most popular among sharks? Edward Scissorfins.

_What does a shark use to get its high? A reefer.

_From whom does a shark ask for gifts on Christmas? Santa Jaws.

_What happens after a marriage between sharks? They get hooked for life.

_What kind of a meal does a shark prefer? That which is just taken off the gill.

_Where can you find a shark singing country folk? In Gnashville.

_Which playwright is the most popular among sharks? William Sharks-peare.

_What do you call a Great White which does not like the company of others? A lone shark.

_What was the reaction of a shark after it ate a clown fish? It said, “It tastes as funny as it looks.”

_Why did the shark visit the construction site frequently? Because it was a hammerhead.

Shark Puns

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