Sending Documents Acknowledgement Letter Template

Since the party has requested documents from your end, you can send an acknowledgment letter as proof for sending the documents. You will be enlisting the list of documents that he has requested.

In this way, you will be confirmed, which will surely make you trustworthy and sincere in the eyes of the other party. You can use this letter sample to refer to and draft any acknowledgment letter for sending documents. 

Letter Template: 1


[Designation of addressee]

[Name of organization]


Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is to acknowledge sending some important documents to you on (date). I am sending these documents to get help for the application of [mention details]. The documents that you asked for are as follows:

1) aaa

2) bbb

3) ccc

4) ddd

5) eee

The documents were asked from your side as per the rules and regulations. Please take up my proposal as soon as possible. Under this pandemic situation, it’s been very difficult for me to stay financially stable.

Hope you will understand my financial difficulties and help me sort them out. I have been a customer of your [organization name] for a long time. 

Please verify the documents and let me know the further steps so that I can get the [mentioned details] as soon as possible.

I hope that these will be enough supporting documents to get my loan. If any document is missed out, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can send it out as well fast.

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

sending documents acknowledgement letter

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