Should Schools Teach All Students how To Swim?

Schools should be required to teach all students how to swim. Swimming is not only an important skill that needs to be learned as a sporting event, it is also a lifesaver skill, and is necessary that all students acquire this skill from a very early age. Drowning is one of the most common and major reasons for accidental death nowadays which makes it even more important that children should be taught how to swim.

Not all houses may be able to afford swimming pools or take their children for swims or swimming lessons outside. This is where schools should step in, build pools, keep trainers, and keep some time aside along with other sports to train every student in swimming. By learning to swim, people can not only save their own lives but also others if they are found to be drowning in any circumstance.

All children need not be taught competitive swimming or master it. They should be taught the basics and swimming skills essential to surviving in an unfortunate event or circumstance. 

Swimming is also a very beneficial sport which keeps us active and helps us gain physical strength and willpower. It helps us to stay healthy and away from illnesses. Swimming requires the coordination and combination of the whole body unlike few other sports and is thus very beneficial.

Students can explore the technical aspects of swimming such as butterfly stroke, paddle, float, etc. It also helps children to gain muscle mass and to improve their strength. Unlike other sports which may pose threats, injuries of joints swimming is an exception because of how light the body will be due to the buoyancy of water.

It also helps to regulate blood flow to the brain and enhances their focus concentration and ability e to improve their memory which in turn also positively affects their academics.

Not only does swimming in hand’s physical strength it also helps in improving and maintaining mental health. It helps in the improvement of mood and helps to keep a healthy mind with positivity.

According to researchers students who started learning swimming at their early age have been observed to have an overall improvement in physical, mental, and academic spheres. Swimming is a high-intensity cardio workout and it involves various muscle groups which can also be a good asset to manage weight as it helps to reduce excess fat. Swimming helps in the release of endorphins which help to reduce depression and other mental disorders.

In schools, students swim in groups and they understand the need for teamwork with their friends who support them during tough phases through interactive sessions. It teaches them important things like self-motivation, interpersonal relativity, setting goals, and hard work.

They can also learn the importance of time and time management which is valuable skill students have to excel to become a good academic session as well as to succeed in life, by learning to manage between academics and swimming. Thank you all.

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